TVIOB – 24

Chapter 24: Old Friends’ Reunion

The only thing Xu Xingzhi felt before he opened his eyes was how his damp clothes clung to his body, making him feel extremely uncomfortable.

He remembered that when he was collecting water from the rivulet, he felt a pair of hands on his back shoving him into the water.

That rivulet was obviously not deep but when Xu Xingzhi fell in, a bottomless whirlpool seemed to have appeared at the bottom, sucking him into it.

In that violent turbulence of that “whirlpool”, Xu Xingzhi vomited a mouthful of blood and lost consciousness.

When he had regained strength to open his eyes, what greeted his sight was a completely unsheltered and gleaming-white woman’s body.

Xu Xingzhi’s eyes seemed to have landed on a land of abundance, and he hurriedly shut his eyes to block out that spiciness. He wanted to get up from the ground but his body was so weak that he couldn’t exert an ounce of strength. Even the movement of lifting his arms became a strenuous task for him.

That woman smiled charmingly as she walked over to Xu Xingzhi and stroked his chin. “Xu Xingzhi? Do you still remember me?”

Xu Xingzhi: “…”

Don’t remember, thank you. Can I leave now.

Seeing Xu Xingzhi’s silence, the woman said with a smile. “Senior Brother Xu, aren’t you a great man with a short memory?”

…Senior Brother?

This was an acquaintance of the original owner?

Xu Xingzhi immediately recalled that when he was interrogating the hide man, he said that he had kept a beauty by his side, and this beauty wasn’t just an acquaintance of his, but also someone who knew all his “shitty matters”.

And this beauty called him “Senior Brother”, could she possibly be… 

Just as expected, this woman then introduced herself, “It’s no strange that you can’t remember me. Senior Brother was always with Senior Sister Yuan Ruzhuo, Meng Chongguang and Jiu Zhideng, you probably wouldn’t remember this outer disciple of Fengling Mountain, Huang Shanyue, right?”

…She was even in the same sect as the original owner? And possibly one of the people who might have known what had happened thirteen years ago?

Xu Xingzhi’s mind was slightly reeling, and he wanted to get more information out of her. “…Did you also take part in those incidents that year?”

The woman spread her arms. “If I did not partake in it, would I be here?”

With that, her voice gradually softened. “If only I had chosen the right team, would I have fallen into this state?”

Xu Xingzhi continued to probe, “There’s no turning back once you start something, but it is so easy to judge what is right and what is wrong?”

The woman didn’t say anything for a long while.

Xu Xingzhi initially thought that she was in contemplation, but unexpectedly, her warm body clung to Xu Xingzhi who was shivering from being drenched in cold water. “Xu Xingzhi, you want to stall me and wait for Meng Chongguang to save you, right?”

She bit the tip of Xu Xingzhi’s ear. “You are expecting too much. This is a hidden chamber of mine, only my husband and I know the exact location of it.”

Xu Xingzhi’s heart sank upon hearing this.

After forcing himself to calm down, he laid down a bargaining chip. “Your Lord is still alive, so how about using me as an exchange for him?”

The woman didn’t seem to be very interested in his proposition, instead, she opened up the collar of Xu Xingzhi’s damp clothes. Her slender fingertips brushed across his chest’s muscles, causing him to produce a low pitched “en”. 


The woman kissed his cheek unbridledly. “I gave my body to my husband because all I wanted was to have a place I can belong to. But since there is a new lord now, whether my husband is dead or alive doesn’t mean anything anymore. Moreover, he should be worse than dead right now. If you return him back to me, you are just passing over a living dead person to me…am I right?”

Xu Xingzhi was momentarily speechless and could only let her do as she pleased to his body.

He’d caught a glimpse just now and knew that this was a woman with a relatively charming figure and good looks. If she was still within the righteous path, she would certainly have landed a good husband instead of being like this now, living in the wilderness with a monster as her companion.

Xu Xingzhi couldn’t help feeling a sliver of sympathy for her.

Anyway, since his struggles were for naught, he simply let her whatever she wanted to his body and then asked, “Why didn’t you look for Meng Chongguang since both of you are stuck in the wilderness? If he’s taken in Ruzhou, he could’ve taken you in, too.”

The woman’s supple body stiffened and she laughed at herself. “Senior Sister Ruzhou naturally has a better life than me. My husband took me away to be his concubine the moment I landed in the wilderness. By the time I obtained the power to get away…where else could I go?”  

Xu Xingzhi was tongue-tied for a moment but his sympathy for her was quickly dispelled by her hands’ movements which were becoming more extreme.

He struggled as he protested, “…Stop touching me.”

But the woman didn’t show any inkling of restraining her movement. She giggled and said, “Senior Brother, are you trembling?”

Xu Xingzhi thought to himself, ‘Why don’t you see if you tremble or not if you were thrown into this little cold stone chamber right after being dunked into water? If you don’t, I will respect you as a man.’

Speaking of which, Xu Xingzhi still didn’t know he landed himself into this woman’s hands.

Her movements were getting more impudent, and every inch of his skin that she touched erupted in goosebumps. He felt bitter and tried to divert her attention. “If you had this ability to take me away instantly, why didn’t you take up the task of capturing me at that time?”

The woman pushed open Xu Xingzhi’s clothes down to his shoulders and softly said, “I did suggest this method, but my husband rejected this idea. He said that If I use this method again, he won’t want me anymore.”


“This method is dangerous.” The woman’s voice sank into a peculiarly tired tone, “I used to utilise this method to help my husband kill numerous powerful opponents, but every time I used it, my organs will age ten years.”

She smiled, “You couldn’t tell, can you? I may look young, but my organs are already seventy years old.”

Xu Xingzhi was frightened and uttered in disbelief, “Is this a demonic spell?”

“Senior Brother is experienced and knowledgeable.” The woman said indifferently, “But do you have to be this surprised? How many people did Senior Brother think would survive in the wilderness like Qu Chi or Senior Sister Yuan without having to turn to demonic cultivation?”

She then added, “…Even if my organs rot to the core, it is still better than being humiliated and bullied.”

Xu Xingzhi gasped and couldn’t respond.

At this moment, his piercingly cold body actually began to burn up absurdly like it had caught some sickness.

The woman could hear the abnormality in Xu Xingzhi’s voice and she smiled with an overwhelmingly flirtatious expression. She brushed the back of her hand on Xu Xingzhi’s cheek and charmingly said, “Senior Brother has impeccable willpower which is why he remained unstirred despite my provocations just now, but what’s happening to Senior Brother now? Why are you so astonishingly red?”

How could Xu Xingzhi still not understand? “You drugged me…”

The woman untied Xu Xingzhi’s wet sash and kissed it with her red lips before bending down again to tie it around his eyes gently.

She lightly kissed Xu Xingzhi’s covered eyes. “Senior Brother’s charming demeanor was unparalleled in those years and many female disciples admired you. At that time, several of us even wondered who would be fortunate enough to be your dual cultivation partner…”

Her sweet words suddenly grew sharp and she grabbed Xu Xingzhi’s chin in one motion, making his face contort from the pressure, “The matters of those years have already passed, I am no longer that young and pretty Huang Shanyue. I have aged…. It wasn’t easy for me to find this hope… I finally found someone who will treat me wholeheartedly… Why? Why must Meng Chongguang take away my last hope?  Wasn’t it all because of our past friendship that I eliminated all my husband’s enemies except for Meng Chongguang,? But he… he…”

Her sharp motions had already quickened the stimulation of the drug inside Xu Xingzhi’s body and she was just waiting for the drug to fully take effect as she talked.

Seeing that the drug had taken effect, she actually got up from Xu Xingzhi and took a yellow thin robe from the side and smiled lightly. “I want to make his beloved kneel and beg under me, I want him to experience the taste of his only treasure snatched away, never to be found again!”

Xu Xingzhi: ”…”

Xu Xingzhi really wanted to curse but stopped himself.

…If you really wanted to take revenge, look for Meng Chongguang’s wife, why did you look for his father?

The woman didn’t relent and left, leaving Xu Xingzhi by himself tossing around as the drug tormented him.

He didn’t even have the slightest bit of his strength left, his whole body was weak and his limbs were as soft as bean curd. His body grew hotter and he gritted his teeth in discomfort, but some low moans still managed to escape from his mouth. His gasping breaths resounded like thunder in his ears.

He felt like he was burning, burning in a blazing fire that would go on forever.

The woman closed the door and went back in with a robe draped on her.

The drug’s strength was extremely strong, once it had taken effect, the victim wouldn’t be able to control themselves. The woman only had to wait outside until the drug had completely kicked in and then went back in when Xu Xingzhi started to scream and struggle.

After she tucked her long hair behind her ears, she called for her manservant, “Where the hell have you gone to? Come out, get me a cup of Nuanqing Wine.”

Very soon, that manservant came out of the Yangchang stone path, which was the only route connecting the cave to the outside world.

He took a few staggering steps and fell down. Gushes of blood spurted out of his slit throat, dying the stone floor red.

A person appeared behind him quickly. That beautiful face was extremely twisted and at the corner of his eyes were so red that it looked like he was weeping blood.

“Meng Chongguang?!” The woman shouted involuntarily and stepped backward. “How did you find out the location of this chamber?”

After that, she could no longer speak even one sentence.

A thick and solid vine slithered from Meng Chongguang’s back and penetrated through her body immediately.

She opened her eyes slightly and lowered her head to look at her wound as if she was checking the state of her dying organs when they dropped out from her body.

Unfortunately, she had no chance of seeing them.

Dozens of vines shot up one after another, piercing her into a bloody candied hawthorn.

Meng Chongguang didn’t even glance at the fallen body but passed her corpse and went straight into the chamber.

But when he arrived at the door, he abruptly halted his footsteps.

The door of the chamber was extremely thick and had been cast with a spell to seal all sounds from within, but this small trick was no different to playing house for Meng Chongguang.

He could clearly hear Xu Xingzhi’s painful yet alluring gasps coming through the chamber like they were tsunami waves, washing upon him wave by wave. 

Xu Xingzhi was lying on the cold ground and his cheeks were soaked in sweat. He felt like a volcano that was about to erupt and his vision was filled with all sorts of dazzling fireworks and colorful stripes of light. His flesh and tendons screamed and badgered him as if they were ready to take this body down with them together.

In his daze, there was a click and the door opened.

Xu Xingzhi knew that he wouldn’t be able to escape and actually had the heart to joke, “You finally came?”

But that woman didn’t speak and seem to have become different from the demented persona she’d shown just now.

“How much longer… do you want to torment me, ah?” Xu Xingzhi panted, “What did the sect-…sect teach you? I am your Senior Brother! You… En~”

This changing tone as he preached made the person at the door reveal a gradual strange look of excitement.

The intruder’s unwillingness to speak made Xu Xingzhi grow flabbergasted.

In his confusion, coils of strange things started crawling along Xu Xingzhi’s knees slowly like they were restless little hands. They swam on his uncovered skin until they eventually stopped at his wrists before pulling his hands towards both sides and left him suspended in mid-air.

Xu Xingzhi’s eyes had been covered by his sash and now both his hands were pulled to the sides as he exhibited his wet body to this person in front of him without reservation. This feeling was infinitely worse than just before.

An inexplicable pressure made him feel as if there was a lump in his throat. He tiredly clenched his hands only to release it again. His sweat dripped down his neck and pooled at the concave recesses of his collarbone.

He asked, “Who is this?”

No one said anything.

A sliver of hope ignited within him. “Meng Chongguang?”

No, this couldn’t be Meng Chongguang. The woman had said that this place was hidden, no one knew of this location except for her and the former Lord of Mountain Feng.

…Was the woman using another sort of method to torture him?

Before Xu Xingzhi could further explore his thoughts, a group of strange and soft fine hands actually bound his ankles and wrists and seized this opportunity to reach down into his groin area.

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