TVIOB – 10

Chapter 10: Bigoted Person

…This was the same setting as Xu Xingzhi’s story.

According to Xu Xingzhi’s conceptual idea, Meng Chongguang’s group had been searching for the key that could send them out of the wilderness for years.

There was a door in the wilderness that allowed entrance and exit. As for the keys of the wilderness, there were only two of it in the whole world.

One of them was of course kept by the Lord of the Immortal Sect who was outside the wilderness; The other key was thrown into the wilderness and hidden somewhere so that the prisoners would not lose hope, but suffer mind torture in repeated futile searches and cycles.

There were a lot of various opinions as to where the key was located. 

Some people thought that this key did not exist, but it was only an imaginary hope given to these prisoners by those above; there were also others that thought that the key existed, but it was broken into several pieces and scattered around. It was extremely difficult to collect the pieces, but compared with the former, the latter still had some hope after all.

In Xu Xingzhi’s story setting, Meng Chongguang obtained the key at the final moment and walked out of the wilderness in the end.

He had not written this part, nor did he specify the true location of the hidden key. However, he had marked out the four sites in his script where the crucial information of the key could be obtained.

——Sealed Mountain, Tigers Leaping Stream, Beyond Land, Endless Sea. 

As for where the real key of the wilderness lay, even the creator Xu Xingzhi himself did not know which corner it was thrown at.

At present, Xu Xingzhi, who knew a generous amount of information could only achieve this word “procrastination”.

Xu Xingzhi did not hate these people. They were all born in his writings. Their tragic fate could be said to be completely fabricated by himself, including Meng Chongguang.

Even if he was told by the  “Knowledge of the Three Realms” that Meng Chongguang was an unforgivable villain, even if he had once been handcuffed by him to the bed, not letting Xu Xingzhi go anywhere, he did not hate Meng Chongguang to much extent.

But he needed to go home.

His father, Xu Sanqiu and his sister Wutong were outside. He could not linger in the illusion forever and not return.

“The knowledge of the Three Realms” had stated clearly that without killing Meng Chongguang, he would not be able to get out of this world at all.

Besides, he did not hate Meng Chongguang, but that did not mean that he should help Meng Chongguang escape from the wilderness.

After all, Meng Chongguang’s temperament was unstable. No one would know how badly those people who put him into the wilderness and imprisoned him for a hundred and thirteen years would suffer after he went out of the wilderness.

Therefore, in the face of Zhou Beinan’s question, Xu Xingzhi played around with his words. “No wonder he told me to make a quick battle and kill Chongguang. If I don’t kill him, he will make me live and die in the wilderness.”

Zhou Beinan made a “pei” sound. “Look at what you have brought up, such a bratty junior brother.”

Xu Xingzhi replied. “The brat you are referring to, are you talking about Meng Chongguang or Jiu Zhideng?”

Zhou Beinan bluntly said, “Neither is good.”

With the original owner’s memory as his base, Xu Xingzhi had more confidence in talking to other people.

He wanted to say that Zhou Beinan was also imprisoned into the wilderness so why was he being so cocky, but Zhou Beinan asked him a difficult question. “You have been living with Jiu Zhideng these years, right?”

Xu Xingzhi: “…Why do you ask that?” 

“Currently, the whole Fengling Mountain belongs to him. Meng Chongguang was also thrown into prison. Would he be willing to let you go?” Zhou Beinan had an ambiguous smile on his face. “You argued with him so he forced you to kill Chongguang, didn’t you?”

Zhou Beinan’s smile sent goosebumps to Xu Xingzhi’s body.

He felt that there was an implied meaning within’s Zhou Beinan’s words.

…They were all fellow disciples of the same master. Why was it that this elder brother seemed to be like a daddy raised by these two unfortunate junior brothers?

But after thinking about it more carefully, Zhou Beinan’s speculation was not shot at random.

In order to avoid the trouble of weaving more lies, Xu Xingzhi drew up a plan once and for all; he was going to follow his words. “Something like that.”

As soon as the words fell, there was a thunderous muffled sound outside the door, followed by the rustling sound of bricks falling on the ground.

Zhou Beinan jumped up and went to check the situation.

Xu Xingzhi suddenly had a particularly bad feeling.

He got up and staggered outside.

Zhou Beinan was a soul, so he went out directly through the door, while Xu Xingzhi was behind him and had to open the door. This somewhat slowed down his speed by a little.

After opening the door, he found that Zhou Beinan was still, and Xu Xingzhi’s unpleasant anticipation rose.

Following his gaze, Xu Xingzhi’s throat choked fiercely.

The doorway was empty, however, the original intact carved stone pillar had a terrible human-shaped depression. This clearly showed that there had been a man leaning there, facing the room’s door.

What was more frightening was that there were five clear finger scratches at the side of the human-shaped depression.

The fingerprint dragged along a deep long line, and stone scraps had rolled upon it. At a glance, you could see the indignation of the man who was eavesdropping to leave such a scratch.

Thinking back to what the two had just discussed, thinking about the junction where the strange sounds come into being and thinking about who had such a strong power in this tower. It was not difficult to guess who was just lying outside eavesdropping.

Zhou Beinan said in a sympathetic tone to the stiffened Xu Xingzhi. “My condolence.”

Xu Xingzhi was told by the “Knowledge of the Three Realms” that Meng Chongguang was too obsessed with the former owner, but when he saw the terrible signs of him blowing off steam, Xu Xingzhi’s calves were somewhat twitching.

When Meng Chongguang went to the cell where the hide man was imprisoned, the skeleton girl was diagnosing and treating the unconscious hide wearing man.

Meng Chongguang went in without kicking the door or making any sound, yet when the skeleton girl looked up, she had an idea in her heart and asked, “Who stirred you up? Your temper is bad.”

Meng Chongguang gnashed his teeth and said, “I’m not angry.”

The skeleton girl said. “I think you’re close to getting mad.”

After leaving Xu Xingzhi, Meng Chongguang put on a cold face that deterred strangers from approaching. He went forward and stepped on the hide man’s head, who was lying on the ground and breathing heavily. “My senior brother told me to keep him alive. Why hasn’t he woken up yet?”

Skeleton girl. “…Considering how you have beaten him, weren’t you asking him to die.”

“Doesn’t he deserve to die?” Meng Chongguang’s expression was slightly annoyed. “He caused me to lose my attitude and attacked in front of senior brother, and that damaged my image.”

Skeleton girl. “…”

Meng Chongguang added some strength under his foot and crushed the hide man’s skull. He sneered and said, “…He is considered to be lucky this time. If he hurts senior brother even half a percent, I will surely pull out his bones and grind them to make teacups.”

The skeleton girl was not afraid of him. “If you want him to live, you should take your foot away first. It was not easy for me to stabilize his breathing. If you step on it a little longer more, his breathing will be stepped away by you.”

Meng Chongguang was showing his temper toward her. He stepped steadily on the head of the hide man with one foot, and had a posture of what could you do if I do not want to withdraw my foot?”

The skeleton girl ignored him, with a green light on her fingertips, she moved along the muddy-like vertebrae of the hide man. She couldn’t help  complaining, “If he’s just superficial wounds, I’ll just transfer the injuries to my body, but he’s injured like this… I can only do my best to lengthen his life.”

“…Thank you.”

The bones and joints of the woman suddenly tightened.

Meng Chongguang was not the sort of person who would express his gratitude. He was never courteous in front of them. If you were able to hear a thanks from him, it was as rare as the blossom of iron trees and of growing melons on graves.

Meng Chongguang’s face changed suddenly. He turned his head to the door of the small room.

Xu Xingzhi stood there, shaking his fan to the skeleton girl and greeting her.

The skeleton girl drooped her head quickly and Meng Chongguang turned back. His feet had withdrawn from the hide man’s head obediently. He had a guilty conscience, in particular, he rubbed the soles of his shoes against the ground.

Xu Xingzhi was holding the folding fan in his hand, he came forward slowly and said naturally, “Junior Sister worked hard.”

He wasn’t sure if he was imagining or not. When he called her junior sister, Xu Xingzhi actually could see a tear in the empty hole of the skeleton girl’s eyes.

…But she had no pupil to shed any tears.

Skeleton girl’s mouth opened a few times but there was no sound. She just buried her head down and hurried out.

When she passed Xu Xingzhi, she stopped and hesitated for a while. In the end, she greeted Xu Xingzhi. “Long time no see… Senior Brother.”

Xu Xingzhi raised his hand and touched her soft hair. He didn’t mind her white body at all.

The skeleton girl endured again and again, but she still failed to resist. She rushed up to the embrace of Xu Xingzhi.

She almost shuddered and cried, “…Senior Brother.”

Xu Xingzhi was originally a natural freak, he was not Master Ye that loved the dragons1; if he feared the skeleton body in front of him, he would not have written such deviant words in his story.

Xu Xingzhi’s heart suddenly became softened when he was held tightly by the skeleton girl.

He remembered his sister Xu Wutong, who also often crashed into his arms without warning like this. She will call him ‘Brother” and look up at him with attachment and admiration.

Xu Xingzhi touched the skeleton girl’s cheek and accurately called out her name. “Ruzhou, it’s fine, Senior Brother is here.”

Yuan Ruzhou was only twenty-eight years old when she became such a ghostless appearance. After losing herself, she came back to her senses and embarrassingly pushed Xu Xingzhi away, whispering. “…Sorry, I must have hurt Senior Brother.”

This child was so clever that Xu Xingzhi’s brotherly love could not help overflowing, making him touch her forehead again in comfort. She seemed shy and ran out with her head bowed.

After seeing that Yuan Rizhou was far away, Xu Xingzhi strolled to Meng Chongguang’s side and knocked him on the head with this folding fan. “…Are you angry?”

Meng Chongguang bent down and stepped on his shoes, ignoring him. 

Xu Xingzhi couldn’t help laughing

In the memory of the former owner, the kid who was picked up by the former owner from Ling Qiu Mountain and this old demon in front of him was in sync. His angry and unwilling expression seemed to be carved from the same mold.

In the dialogue just now with Zhou Beinan, Xu Xingzhi dared to confirm that Meng Chongguang had heard at least sixty-seven percent of the content. Fortunately, the words “Come and kill Meng Chongguang” did not matter to him, so talking in a frank and open way was alright. Even if it was spoken openly, it would not arouse his suspicion anymore.

Meng Chongguang was probably not angry about his own intentions. What he cared about was where he came from.

Xu Xingzhi tentatively asked, “The reason why you are angry is because of the Jiu Zhideng?”

The moment Meng Chongguang heard the three words, his face changed dramatically. “Senior Brother, don’t mention that person!”

Xu Xingzhi laughed in spite of himself.

This old demon was so old already, how could he get so childish when he was angry?

If the friendship between the former owner and Meng Chongguang was so deep, why did they end up in discord? And murdering the master? And the false accusation? Until everything was so tragic?

Meng Chongguang did not sense how foolish his actions were. Those three words obviously stimulated him. He threw himself into Xu Xingzhi’s arms and imprisoned Xu Xingzhi into his embrace with great strength. “Senior Brother, do you still want to go back to his side? Will you kill me?”

Meng Chongguang was born beautiful and fair, he had the poise like the the beauty, Wang Qiang. Although they were standing side by side, he was still taller than himself, but when he was stared at by his pitiful eyes, Xu Xingzhi could not help getting suffocated.

Hearing such a question from him, Xu Xingzhi felt slightly guilty.

…He didn’t want to go back to Jiu Zhideng. He just wanted to go back to his real family.

He could only reply. “…Silly words.”

“Senior Brother is unfair…” Meng Chongguang brought Xu Xingzhi into his bosom and whispered softly under his chin against Xu Xingzhi’s hair whorl, “Senior Brother and Jiu Zhideng spent thirteen years outside, yet they did not take me with them…”

Xu Xingzhi was numb from the hug.

Meng Chongguang’s embrace had a light and elegant plant fragrance. It was not clear whether it was bamboo leaves or peach leaves scent.

But with the strange scent, Xu Xingzhi felt his head getting heavy and his feet getting lighter. His back began to sweat.

“Senior Brother, you are not allowed to leave me.” Meng Chongguang’s tone was gentle and warm. ”…I want you to never leave me by any step.”

The author has something to say: 

Senior Brother Xu: …I can’t do this job. I want to go home.

Chongguang had a gentle face: No.

Senior Brother Xu: No means no, why must you take off my clothes?!

Chongguang: Hehe, kiss you.

Senior Brother Xu: …

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