Chapter 9. Truth and False Mixed Together

Xu Xingzhi was stunned and touched the side of his face. He couldn’t help laughing and flicked Chongguang’s head. “Little bastard.”

Chongguang was flicked a step back. He touched his forehead and looked pitifully at Xu Xingzhi. “…”

Looking at him like this, Xu Xingzhi suspected that he had used too much strength. “Does it hurt?”

“En.” Tears loomed and swirled in Chongguang’s eyes, and his mouth perked up really high. “…It hurts.”

Jiu Zhideng who was not far away frowned slightly.

Xu Xingzhi crossed his arms and looked at the child who might cry at any time. He had a dull headache coming. “You are a man, don’t make such an appearance.”

Chongguang didn’t seem to understand, like there were a thousand bright pearls hidden in his eyes making it misty. “…”

The child’s skin was like tofu. It turned red after a little flick and looked serious.

Xu Xingzhi was helpless. He bent down and blew his breath at the red spot, then he pushed his head and pushed him to Jiu Zhideng . “…Don’t be spoiled, there is no next time.”

With tears in his eyes, Chongguang returned with a sweet smile and said, “Yes, Senior Brother Xu.”

…Damn, he is really cute.

Xu Xingzhi turned around and thought as he walked, since his name was fixed, what surname should he have?

He picked him up by himself, so call him Xu?

No, if he was surnamed Xu, his elder brother would certainly disagree.

After thinking about it, Xu Xingzhi inwardly decided.

…It’s better if he just goes back and flip the book of surnames. Whichever he had circled with his eyes closed would be his surname.

Having made up his mind, Xu Xingzhi saw Zhou Beinan stepping out of a bright door with a steel handle on his back.

As soon as he landed, he saw Xu Xingzhi. Zhou Beinan silently rolled his eyes and entered the spiritual palace.

Xu Xingzhi held the folding fan in his hand and opened his arms as he walked. He smiled and said, “Look, who’s back here?”

Zhou Beinan scorned. “…Why do you walk like this, so improper.”

Xu Xu Xing staggered over and said, “Even if I’m rolling, the disciples here will still have to call me Senior Brother Xu.”

Zhou Beinan: “…Haha. “

Xu Xingzhi did not shy away from it. He went up to hook up Zhou Beinan’s shoulder and tapped him on the chest with his fan handle. “Why, do you still remember the enmity of the last heaven rank’s match?” I say, how can you be so petty?”

Zhou Beinan let him hook on to him and coldly snorted, “An unequal contest brings no honor to the victor. You still dare to mention it.”

Xu Xingzhi gave a happy ‘Haha’. “What is an unequal contest that brings no honor to the victor?”

He swirled the folding fan on his hand and it turned into a sharp edged Yuchang Dagger.

He turned the handle of the sword again and it changed into a spear with a bronze snake head carved on it.

Xu Xingzhi’s spear trickled a few times before turning it back into the bamboo fracture fan.

“Aren’t you proficient at spear fighting?” Xu Xingzhi threw the fan up with his right hand and then caught it “…You actually lose to me. How embarrassing.”

Zhou Beinan could not restrain his anger. “…Nonsense, didn’t you say before the competition that you wouldn’t use this damn fan to play trick?”

“Oh my god.” Xu Xingzhi opened his eyes wide. “We grew up together and you would actually believe in my words. Fatty Zhou, you are so cute.”

Zhou Beinan: “…”

Without saying a word, he pulled the spear from his back and stabbed it with a twist of his hand.

Among the flints, Xu Xingzhi flashed, and the folding fan in his hand turned into a scissor. The scissor caught Zhou Beinan’s spear and raised the tip of the spear up high.

He laughed and said, “Be careful. Xiao Beibei, I was wrong.”

Zhou Beinan just made a gesture of attacking, and when he listened to him admitting defeat, he withdrew the offensive stance, but still refused to spare him with his words. “… How could Qing Jing-jun take such a person like you to be the head disciple of Fengling?

Xu Xingzhi boasted without shame, “Maybe I look too handsome.”

Zhou Beinan: “…”

The passing Qu Chi: “…”

Zhou Beinan turned to Qu Chi’s direction. “…No, Qu Chi, don’t you think he’s particularly deserved to be beaten up?

Qu Chi couldn’t help laughing. “…Once in a while. “

Xu Xingzhi changed the scissor back into his own fan. “…Beinan, that’s your fault. This “Idle Brush” was made by myself, and my master allowed me to use it in the heaven rank competition. Losing to me is not embarassing. It’s true.”

Zhou Beinan splashed cold water. “So what, you had this damn fan, but weren’t you still hung up and beaten by Qu Chi?”

Xu Xingzhi clicked his tongue, “What is “hung up and beaten”? I ended up losing to him by a fraction. Five years later at the heaven rank competition, the top position will be mine. At that time, I will write the nine words “First of the Heaven Rank, Xu Xingzhi of Fengling” on my fan’s surface…”

The voice was still in the air, and another bright door was opening near the three men. 

A wheelchair rocked in through the door and rolled over the jadeite bricks, making creaking sounds.

A Qingliang Valley disciple happened to pass by with examination papers in his arms. When he saw the man, he stood as silent as a cicada in winter and bowed down to greet him. “Greetings, Senior Brother Wen.”

The visitor’s blue clothes were as thin as cicadas and he was wearing a thunderstrike wood loop. When he heard the greeting, he did not even move his eyes. He simply responded with a concise reply. “…Good.“

He rocked the wheelchair straight to the front of the three men. “What are you three doing?”

Qu Chi held the whisk in his hand and smiled. “Xingzhi and Beinan are arguing again.”

Wen Xuechen had very white skin, but it was a strange white, to the point that his lips had a vaguely cyanotic purple.

Therefore, his voice was very empty, and it was a sense of weakness that fitted his pale complexion. “… Are both of you very bored?“

Xu Xingzhi’s butt sat on Wen Xuechen’s wheelchair’s armrest. “I have just come back from being busy, there’s nothing to do now. It’s not like we are breaking any rules because we are talking…”

That said, these beasts guarding the sacrificial objects are becoming more and more uninteresting, each of them gets weaker.”

Wen Chenxue’s narrowed eyes glanced at him and said nothing.

“Now in my opinion, there are only two kinds of beasts in the world.” Xu Xingzhi played with his fan and continued to boast, ” – Soft persimmon that are easy to knead, and soft persimmons that are not easy to knead.”

Zhou Beinan. “…”

Qu Chi. “…”

Wen Xuechen lifted his chin. “Oh? Is It? Xu Xingzhi is truly fearless.”

Xu Xingzhi opened his fan in a chic way and answered happily, “That’s naturally…”

His glance turned and his breathing stopped. 

Wen Xuechen had opened his clasped hands. There was a huge beetle in them as big as a tadpole. It was moving its antenna and crawling slowly in his palm.

Wen Xuechen said, “Xingzhi, this is Yao Guang Mountain’s specialty. I think the shape is lovely, so I brought it for you to see.”

Xu Xingzhi who was sitting on Wen Xuechen’s armrest turned rigid like a sculpture.

A moment later.

Chongguang who had just changed his clothes and was seated on the steps swinging his legs heard a distant piercing scream, followed by Zhou Beinan bursting into laughter.

His ears moved and he jumped down the steps. “Senior Brother Xu?!”

Jiu Zhideng wiped his swords calmly with an indifferent face as he calmly said, “There’s no need to go over. Senior Brother should have seen the bug.”

Chongguang blinked and blinked. “Senior Brother is afraid of insects?”

From just now, Jiu Zhideng who had been silent and indifferent in expression, had a sight vigor when Xu Xingzhi was mentioned . “…Every time near the eastern emperor sacrifice ritual, he would go to the five mountains he was responsible for half a month in advance. One is to explore the way for the participants, and the other reason is to use his spiritual energy to stun all the snakes, insects, mice and ants in the mountains for half a month. Otherwise, Senior Brother would not dare to step on the mountain in any case.”

The giant beetle that unexpectedly appeared from Wen Xuechen’s palm shocked Xu Xingzhi that he started to sweat. He felt his head being heavy while his feet were light, like he had fallen into a whirlpool all of the sudden. Under the huge suction, he got farther and farther away from the group of people.

Eventually, he tumbled down on a bed.

The moment he opened his eyes, Xu Xingzhi’s brain ached like it had exploded.

The aroma of the redwoods still remained in his nose, and he had already withdrawn from the memory of the original owner and returned to the tower in the wilderness.

…Meng Chongguang was not in the bedroom, but Zhou Beinan was at the bedside, bending over and tidying up Xu Xingzhi’s pillow.

When Xu Xingzhi woke up, Zhou Beinan suddenly showed embarrassment and pointed to the pillow and said, “…You were sweating too much. I was changing the pillow for you.”

After explaining, he showed a delicate expression of “The fuck did I explain so much for”.

He couldn’t stand it so he turned and walked out.

Xu Xingzhi was still confused, and he opened his mouth and cried, “Fatty Zhou.”

Zhou Beinan who was already at the door abruptly stopped his pace.

This address seemed to kindle the repressed emotions in his heart. He turned around and hurried for several steps back to the bed, and shouted. “…Where have you been for thirteen years?! What on earth did you come into the wilderness for?”

He reached for Xu Xingzhi’s collar, but only caught air.

Zhou Beinan had been dead many years ago and was a ghost servant under Lu Yujiu. Strictly speaking, he was no longer human. At most, he was a humanoid weapon under Lu Yujiu. He could only kill using a ghost weapon and could not touch anyone except for Lu Yujiu.

His translucent hands went straight through Xu Xingzhi’s body, but even so, he still clenched his fists as hard as he could.

He gritted his teeth and whispered, “Xu Xingzhi, do you know I’ve thought you were dead for many years…”

…Xu Xingzhi actually heard a little sadness in between his gnashing teeth.

In Xu Xingzhi’s fragmented memory, the former owner and Zhou Beinan fought whenever they met each other. When they first saw each other in the wilderness, Zhou Beinan was ever more harsh towards Xu Xingzhi. He never once gave Xu Xingzhi’s face at all, so Xu Xingzhi naturally thought that the relationship between the two men was similar to fire and water.

But in that whole memory, the relationship between them was obviously very good.

Xu Xingzhi’s thought was rather chaotic at the moment. He supported his painful temple and pinched hard, only then could he reluctantly calmed down.

After stabilizing his mind, Xu Xingzhi raised his head and opened his mouth to Zhou Beinan. “…Someone asked me to kill all of you.”

He admitted so straightforwardly that Zhou Beinan was stunned.

After a while, he asked, “…Jiu Zhideng asked you to come?”

Xu Xingzhi laughed bitterly and did not answer.

His appearance at the moment caused Zhou Beinan to be more sure of his judgment.

He sat down beside the bed and said, “He asked you to kill Meng Chongguang?”

Xu Xingzhi nodded. “You should know. Chongguang will not be wary of me.”

Zhou Beinan showed an understanding expression before he laughed angrily. “This little brat really wants to kill us all.”

Xu Xingzhi breathed a sigh of relief secretly.

…At last, it’s over.

The original owner disappeared for thirteen consecutive years, but now he had replaced his identity and then suddenly appeared in the wilderness. This itself was too suspicious.

Xu Xingzhi failed to kill Meng Chongguang at the first opportunity. Therefore, if he wants to stay with these people and seek for opportunities, he must find a decent reason to convince them to accept himself.

And the smartest lie was to mix the truth with the false, so that it would sound the most real.

As Xu Xingzhi expected, Zhou Beinan believed his statement.

Zhou Beinan leaned forward and asked earnestly, “Does he know that we are about to find the wilderness’ ‘key’?”

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