Chapter 12: Interview (1)

The city reporters called Duan Jiaze before they came and when they were reaching, they called again. Duan Jiaze hurriedly headed to the entrance to pick them up. With a glance, there were five to six people.

Two of the city reporters were carrying cameras while the other two were online media reporters. People from the districts and communities came too.

The reporter that represented the district was a different reporter that Duan Jiaze knew. He was in charge of promoting and giving directions for these reporters. Everyone shook hands and exchanged some conventional greetings.

The female reporter who contacted Duan Jiaze was called Chen Wei. She looked to be around twenty-seven years old. “Duan Yuánzhǎng, let’s go to your office first.”

“Okay, please come this way.” Duan Jiaze brought them in and went to the office building.

Chen Wei was a little surprised. On the way here, the community staff her informed her about the internal situation of the former Cape Zoo. She thought that Lingyou Zoo which opened on the original foundation wouldn’t be that good.

However, now that she had taken a glance, except for the office building which was somewhat lacking behind, the appearance of the enclosures was aesthetically pleasing and the facilities were very complete. Some animals could be seen at the outdoor exhibition area, and their states were particularly good.

Duan Jiaze answered some simple questions in his office, such as his own personal experience and his reasons for choosing to open a zoo. Duan Jiaze was long prepared, he came out with how he was fond of small animals, hoped to contribute to animal protection and animal education and so on.

He certainly wouldn’t say that his luck was too bad and was bound to a trash system.

Chen Wei and him discussed about the interview plans and had sent someone to film a scene of him in the office. Afterward, they went out and talked. After all, most of the important scenes were for the animals.

When they got downstairs, one of the reported exclaimed, “Ai, why is there a label here? Aquarium?”

They didn’t noticed it when they came it and thought that it was just a decoration. Now that they were reminded, they also realised that this word “Aquarium” were written on it and couldn’t help growing elated.

Duan Jiaze was embarrassed to say, “We are not very large. The previous Cape Zoo did not have the facilities to keep fish. I prefer fish and I have kept some for a while. This sign is an ambition. We will build an aquarium in the future.”

“That’s a good ambition,” Chen Wei said, “The fish inside are very beautiful.”

They didn’t know much about fishes. When they saw the different kinds of big and small fish placed together, they didn’t detect anything amiss.

Duan Jiaze pointed his finger on the side of the glass jar. “Yeah, they are very interesting.”

As soon as he finished his sentence, the fish all swam from the other side and rushed madly against the glass where his finger was at, suspended in the water as if they wanted to touch it.

When Duan Jiaze removed his fingers, they each left with their heads and tails swaying.

“Wow…” With so many colorful fishes rushing in the same direction, it was really pretty and everyone breathed out.

“Wait, could you do it again? We will take this scene down.” Chen Wei said, “How do you do that?”

Duan Jiaze said, “Maybe because I often fed them.”

He waited for Chen Wei to start the camera and did it again for her to use it as materials.

Chen Wei was pleasantly surprised. Duan Jiaze had mentioned in an interview that he inherited the closing zoo because he liked animals. If she wanted this to be reflected in the news, the scene of Duan Jiaze being close to the animals would be the best.

—And it’s not the kind of ordinary scene of feeding an animal casually. This was more lively and convincing.

Duan Jiaze took them to the indoor exhibition area where Xiao Su, Liu Bin and Xu Chenggong had long been stationed to do some work.

When Chen Wei came in, she saw that the interior decoration was even better than that of the City Zoo. While she could not distinguish between them, here had more mechanized equipment that were better designed.

So several reporters took down scenes of the environment and asked Liu Bin to demonstrate various devices. They also requested Duan Jiaze to do it.

Chen Wei asked Duan Jiaze how much money had he spent and Duan Jiaze couldn’t say that he only had thousands of dollars at his hand at the point of time, so he vaguely said that he had spent all his savings.

Chen Wei then asked questions about all the equipment and she sighed with emotions. Duan Jiaze was really willing to buy so many expensive equipment using all his savings, yet he lived in a simple building. This was truly powered by love.

Combined with the spirituality of the animals, this zoo had its own characteristics.

There was already an idea in her head and that would be the focus of the news.

Compared with Chen Wei who paid more attention to Duan Jiaze’s entrepreneurship and love of animals. The focus of those online journalists was different. They were a new media center. They gave contributions to the East Sea Daily App and WeChat Official Account, they focused on traffic and attract readers with interesting content.

Thus, they could not wait to ask Duan Jiaze to take them to see those famous birds on the local network.

Duan Jiaze took them to the bird shed, where they could see the exhibition hall as if it were a jungle. Birds lay on branches and peacocks could be seen looming among the trees.

“Can we go in to interact and shoot with them?” One of the reporters asked.

“Yes, I’ve prepared a disposable raincoat. Put it on so as not to have bird droppings.” Duan Jiaze issued a disposable raincoat to each of them.

“By the way, it looks like a red bird was leading in the picture, seems like it is not here?” Someone asked.

“Oh, it’s in another enclosure.” Duan Jiaze knew that the reporters were coming, so naturally, he had Luya go to his office and stay put. He might need his cooperation later. Now he went to open the door of the enclosure. As soon as he raised his hand, Luya flew out and landed on Duan Jiaze’s arm and combed his own feathers.

The camera had never been turned off ever since they came in, naturally this scene was recorded. The two media reporters also took photographs frequently, trying to capture the best moment.

“Duan Yuánzhǎng, what kind of bird is this? Its size is bigger and the colors are brighter. I don’t think I’ve seen it before.” Chen Wei asked, she felt that the bird was overbearing, or rather more fierce and not so easy to get close, it might be a carnivorous bird.

Duan Jiaze had told Teacher Zhao that this was a Golden Crow, but he was afraid of telling this to Chen Wei. He was afraid that the reporter would make serious textual research.

Duan Jiaze said, “Actually, I picked it up. I don’t know exactly what bird it is. I asked the experts of the Forestry Bureau, but they were not good at judging. They had different opinions. In fact, I suspect that it was smuggled. It’s not from Asia at all. It may not be a variant. You see how beautiful the color is…”

Duan Jiaze was laughing and Chen Wei got little dizzy from listening. She repeated just one sentence, “Oh, you rescue the injured bird, this is really loving, then it should be very dependent on you?”

“…Yes.” Duan Jiaze held on Luya and buried his face on him for intimacy.

Luya: “…”

Duan Jiaze noticed the terrifying expression Dàojūn was giving him, he hurriedly lifted his head and patted his feathers. Otherwise, the audience might see a bird speaking and bursting into fury at Duan Jiaze.

Although Chen Wei asked about Luya, the focus of everyone was on the two peacocks.

Xiao Su said this one sentence, “They love to open their feathers very much.”

She fed the birds more often and had long figured out that two peacocks in the zoo liked to open their tails. Not just the from the last time they opened their tails in front of their children but they also often like to abruptly open their tails.

Chen Wei was very interested. “Really? However, it seems that the two male peacocks have not been seen yet.”

Xiao Su mumbled, “…Really love to open their tails, I don’t know the reasons but maybe they have a unique taste.”

Everyone: “…”

Duan Jiaze rapidly sweated. Xiao Su seemed to have read too much about it because this was just a normal animal’s behavior.

However, he was aware of this reason, the peacocks may not just open their tails for mating but also as a threat. Recently, the nearby sparrows always came to steal the food and the peacocks frequently exploded.

“Really, is that such a rule? If only we can film the process, that will be good.” Chen Wei was not concerned about the real reason, she just needed to know that the peacocks love to open their tails and it would be good to take this scene down.

“This… See if there is a possibility…” Duan Jiaze’s eyes were looking at Luya as he stammered.

The reporters glanced at one another, revealing an anticipating expression. Yes, who knew, maybe they would be so lucky to film it down.

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