Chapter 3: Serve? Keep!

Although the pass half month’s event made Duan Jiaze felt that life was impermanent, it still made his heart pounce when a handsome guy come to him and informed that he was a new animal while sounding so humiliated…

Duan Jiaze was perturbed. “You mean, you are the new employee dispatched here?”

He deeply felt that this “Luya” had a slip of his tongue.

Luya angrily replied, “I ought to ask you this, according to the norms, it should be employees that should be sent here, why did it become animals?”

“The system gave me a plan, saying that according to the current situation, we are lacking animals here…”

Duan Jiaze couldn’t help moving two steps back. “I thought the employees have been changed to animals. It should be a mistake. Don’t be angry, it’s not like I can take you1 to the exhibition area anyway…”

As he was saying, he abruptly felt that something was wrong.

“Of course you can’t now,” Luya said with a calm face, “so, in the future working hours, I will have to maintain my original form.”

Duan Jiaze: “…”

This sentence destroyed Duan Jiaze’s three views and made him a little dizzy.

At this point, Luya sized up Duan Jiaze for a long while before saying with a frown, “Are you really from the human clan?”

He was already surprised to discover that the zoo was in the human world. What was even more shocking was that the director seemed like an ordinary human.

“I am-” Duan Jiaze wanted to cry. “-it looks like you- you aren’t…”

Luya raised his diagonally slanted thick eyebrows. “Běn Zūn2 is the last Three-legged Golden Crow3 in the heaven and the earth.”

It was a good thing that there were no visitors at the moment but only the Gatekeeper Uncle who was sleeping at the park.

Duan Jiaze glanced behind to the Lingyou Zoo’s signboard and then back at this mystical Three-legged Golden Crow whose rarity level had bursted beyond the sky, the smile on his face froze.


Under Luya’s dubious explanations, Duan Jiaze finally gained some understanding of the system. It seemed that the world was completely different from what he once understood. There were skies beyond the sky and there were also people beyond the people4. This Ling Xiao Hope Project was developed by the legendary celestial heaven.

Nominally, this system was opened to the three realms and six paths and all races had equal rights. However, this world had been separated from the other worlds for so long that there was no more connection, thus, since the beginning of this project, there had never been a precedent for choosing humanity for help or conducting this project in the human world.

As the intelligent function was in its start-up phase, it did not support the online cancellation function at the moment.

Once the first step was wrong, the subsequence steps would also be wrong. First of all, if the system grabbed a non-human and mistake arose in the later part of the project, the problem could still be solved, because the non-human could wait for the review period unlike Duan Jiaze.

Moreover, there was no such existence of zoos in the other worlds, resulting in the employees having to shapeshift into animals…

Looking at this point, there were still some aspects of the system that weren’t comparable to human, since this so-called intelligent system could still commit such a big mistake.

Regardless, Luya was sure that the system did not run the testing stage properly, causing the emergence of a bug that had identified and chosen Duan Jiaze as a choice.

However, he had left with no other choice too. Even if this was a mistake, he would still have to go through the motions of reporting and appealing which would take decades of years. Heaven was vast and more complicated than the human government that it was overburdened, so each review period was long.

This was a pit and Duan Jiaze wasn’t the only one affected.

Luya claimed that employees like him that were dispatched by Hope Project were “volunteers” who came to help him.

Nonetheless, they were subjected to the same penalty as Duan Jiaze. If they disobey the arrangement in the same task, they would also receive the thunder strike.

As he was an “animal”, he had to act like an animal. He would not be able to help the zoo like a normal employee could do, such as upgrading the facilities, etc.

The latter could still be overlooked, but the former was really too harsh.

Duan Jiaze couldn’t help saying, “The project is too inhumane. Even the volunteers will receive thunderstrike? Don’t you have any complaints? Can’t you quit directly?”

He saw Luya paused for a second before he started cursing at Trash Hope Project.

Duan Jiaze: “…”


Duan Jiaze brought Luya inside to Lingyou Zoo, after all, the two of them couldn’t be just standing outside.

Duan Jiaze: “I didn’t know you are coming, so…”

He looked at the empty enclosure.

Luya stared at Duan Jiaze with a cold expression. “What is this place?”

Duan Jiaze: “…Your office?”

Luya: “…”

Duan Jiaze: “Didn’t you say you’ll have to maintain your original form during working hours? The animals in the zoo are all kept in the enclosure. After all, our conditions aren’t good, that’s why we needed help…”

Luya was enraged. “Do you understand the meaning of the ‘Last Three-legged Golden Crow in the heaven and the earth’? What is the meaning of this? You dare to let me work in this sort of place. How dare you open the zoo with this kind of attitude?!”

Duan Jiaze: =_=!

Duan Jiaze braved up his courage. “Actually, this is for the bigger animals, you may not be able to… work here as planned. You will have to go to the bird shed.”

Luya: “…”

Luya wanted to beat someone up after hearing this.

Duan Jiaze quickly added, “It’s only during working hours. I will tidy up the enclosure again. You can live in the small building after working hours.”

After a little comparison to the crude building at the side, he swiftly decided that the conditions were much better. After all, with nothing to compare, there was nothing to realize.

Luca’s anger simmered slightly and he instructed Duan Jiaze, “Hey, I want a bigger office. Drive the lion away and make it cleaner.”

Duan Jiaze signed in relief, knowing that this meant he had accepted it as his living accommodation in the daytime.

Luya was emanating a hard-to-deal-with vibe so, Duan Jiaze could only come out with this method of being initiative first. However, he did not except Luya to call this his office and had seemed to adapt to it quite fast….


Very soon, Duan Jiaze encountered another trouble again.

⁠—He did not know how to transfer the lion to another enclosure. In the enclosure, there were movable iron gates that could divide the area into parts. The clearing was done exactly like this, part by part.

But, he was an amateur, how would he know how to transfer a lion to another separate enclosure?

This lion had been eating well these few days and its spirit was getting better. Even if it did not fill up its stomach, it went without saying about butchering Duan Jiaze.

Duan Jiaze stood outside the lion’s cage feeling tangled. He heard Luya sneered at him. “Are all human like this? Afraid of a lion?”

Duan Jiaze ignored Luya. He had already discovered that the Luya wasn’t as cold as he appeared to be. Of course, he might be a little too indifferent that made him deserve a punch. Just like now…

Seeing that Luya was now an actual animal belonging to the zoo, Director Duan shall not hold on to it.

At this moment, the lion opened its mouth and roared.

The power behind the roar was strong that it trembled across the sky. Duan Jiaze almost sat on the ground because of the suddenness.

Luya gave a peal of short mocking laughter again.

And Duan Jiaze’s original demeanor was also dissipated because of this stagger. His shame turned into anger and he shouted, “Since you are so capable, you do it!”

Luya stared at Duan Jiaze; his stare was more frightening than the roar of the lion.

However, Duan Jiaze wasn’t as intimidated as before. He had been very polite to Luya, in fact, it was quite clear that the Luya could not hurt him under the constraints of the system.

Therefore, Duan Jiaze sat at the side to hide his wobbly legs. “I will not do it, since you are so capable, do it yourself! This is your office!”

Luya snorted and said shamelessly, “I am a rare animal. You are the director of the zoo. By right you should be serving me. Hurry up and get the enclosure done.”

“…” Duan Jiaze was speechless.

Seeing that Duan Jiaze’s aggression had scattered, Luya raised up his chin looking as he had gain victory and was feeling proud. He then indifferently said, “Go on, Běn Zūn is here, what can the lion do?”

This time this rare animal became an immortal.

This bird… really deserved to be punched. Duan Jiaze internally gritted his teeth.

He didn’t know what Luya did, but the lion didn’t dare to make any roaring noise. Instead, it clasped its tail in between its legs. Duan Jiaze took the opportunity to open the enclosure and boldly used the stick to drive the lion out.

Under the faint pressure released by Luya, the lion was obedient while being chased to another cage. Once it was inside, it lifted its leg and peed⁠— it was scared.

Luya stood on the side with folded arms. He commanded Duan Jiaze to sweep the original lion enclosure, ensuring that it must be spotless, clean and comfortable.

Luya gave Duan Jiaze some brainwashing. “This is what you, as the director of the zoo must do. Continue to serve Běn Zūn ⁠well in the future.”

Duan Jiaze faintly smiled and said, “Serve? The zoos here generally do not use this description. We call it zoo keeping.”

Luya: “…”

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