Chapter 3: A Rush of Excitement

An emotionless numeral machine: “Writing?”

He Ruge took a look at the message from the penguin and realized that he had been immersed in the game for quite a while.

He was stuck in the emotional drama of his novel, hence, he wanted to play some games to get inspiration, and then his sight hit this pink game icon <Your Exclusive Lover>. Although this game looked strange, some time ago He Ruge downloaded a lot of games in a single breath, therefore, this should be downloaded at that time when he wasn’t paying attention.

Then, He Ruge was fascinated by the male god in military uniform in the opening screen, and now he was deeply engrossed in the game because of the little white tiger.

Inspiration… He hadn’t found it at all. Now his mind was full of little white tigers.

“Playing the game till now, I’ve almost forgotten about writing. Come, come, come, write, write.”

He Ruge was a full-time writer, stationed in Jinjiang Literature City, focusing on the love channel. He was writing his third book at the moment. The first two books had mediocre responses. If he was to say it in everyday words, the first two books were just like any normal stories on the street. The third book had the possibility of exploding in popularity. After it was listed, its rate of it getting bookmarked was increasing like it was riding on a rocket; driving into the distance, far surpassing those books published at the same period.

So He Ruge made a risky choice of becoming a full-time writer just after his graduation.

Full-time; equated to avoiding contact with others, equated to avoiding trouble.

His face was just one big trouble.

He Ruge pushed his glasses and no longer thought about it. He focused on the numeral, although he had 30,000 in worth of words for his manuscripts, he was still like a hard-working bee every day; living every day in a blue funk, putting his manuscripts happily into the manuscript box.

Three hours later, after He Ruge had typed out four thousand words, he decided to open the game and relax himself. After all, striking a proper balance between work and rest was the most important.

The opened screen was still the familiar tempting military uniform. The time in the game and in the real world was synchronized. He Ruge familiarly proceeded on with the feeding. When he reached the 19th compartment, he lifted the lid but did not hear that neutral bearing “Ji”.

He Ruge remembered that the resident in compartment 19 had red eyes and kept on “Jijiji”. He had guessed that the resident was a little rabbit.

[No. 19 is ill, you choose:

A. Follow the rules of the Ice Project and ignore No. 19

B. Open the compartment (Which you will consume a One-time monitor interfere-o-meter x1)]

He Ruge opened the save point and found that there were four save spaces. He first saved them and then chose B.

The door of compartment 19 was pushed open. On the cotton nest lay a small white rabbit that was sneezing incessantly. Its head was nodding, and its two long rabbit ears rocked rapidly as it sneezed.

When it heard the door opening, it quickly retracted into the corner. Its nose quivered, and its red eyes squinted to see He Ruge.

No. 19:

[Respiratory tract infection occurred on No. 19. Consume Ordinary Medicine x1?]



Since he had already consumed an item, he didn’t care about consuming a second one. He Ruge used “Ordinary Medicine x1”. A pill appeared in his hand. He Ruge clicked on ‘Feed’. The sick rabbit stared at the yellow pill and sucked out its small nose. As if it suddenly regained its spirit, it swallowed the pill quickly.

After a few moments of chewing, the little white rabbit uttered an incredible angry grunt and then tried desperately to spit out the pill, but unfortunately, it did not succeed.

No. 19:

[Jijigugujijiguguji (Friendship translation: Bitter, bitter, bitter. It’s not nice to eat. Wuwuwu)]

The little white rabbit dropped its ears like it was wounded. It dared not make any noises as it took a quick look at He Ruge. When it saw that He Ruge made no other movement. It carefully moved the cotton nest into the corner and pulled something out of from the cotton nest… a candy wrapper?

This candy wrapper that this little white rabbit was flipping over and over again as it cherished and licked it was exactly the same as the candy wrapper in the big novice gift bag.

He Ruge suspected that he must had seen wrongly. He clicked on the candy wrapper with his mouse.——

[Name]: Candy Wrapper

[Source] Novice Gift Bag

[State]: Moisture

[Evaluation] It’s a worthless candy wrapper, but No. 19 likes it very much.

It was really his candy!

Didn’t he give the candy to the little white tiger? Why did it appear here?

He Ruge looked inside and outside of the compartment and found that there was a small air permeable hole in the metal wall of the compartment.

It was just the right size to throw in a candy.

However, the air vents were too high for the cubs to reach them.

He Ruge made a bold assumption that the left wall of compartment 19 was the right wall of compartment 20, and the little white tiger threw the candy into compartment 19 through the air vent.

But why did little white tiger do that?

He Ruge couldn’t figure out why for the moment. He was afraid that the candy wrapper might cause trouble if it was found, so he kept it away.

The little white rabbit on the screen stared angrily and frightenedly at He Ruge. It wanted to get back its beloved candy wrapper, but the boldness of its bean-sized courage did not allow it to do so.

The little white rabbit, with tears in its eyes, huddled in the corner and watched as the Big Bad Man, He Ruge, left.

Big Bad Man He Ruge muttered in front of the screen, “Good medicine is bitter but favorable for the sick. Little silly, I did a hard but thankless job and was considered to be the bad guy?”

He sighed helplessly.

His voice just fell when the game interface suddenly appeared a gorgeous fireworks special effects; the Love Mall had officially opened!

He Ruge:”…?!”


Xi Guican looked at the candy in the palm of his palm. He was in a strange mood.

He had high power and was in a high position. Although he could not be considered to have his courtyard crowded with visitors, the number of gift-givers he had was still countless. Whether it was exotic treasures or a new type of machine armor, he had received everything.

No one alone would give such an “unsightly” gift.

Like he was playing house.

He looked down at his miniature claws and did not feel like he would be abducted because of a candy.

At present, the person in front of him seemed to be somewhat disappointed. The other party placed the candy on the ground, got up and left. He closed the door gently. Xi Guican suddenly remembered this phrase “the ornamental and the combined plain properties”.

When the metal door was closed again, everything was attributed to darkness. When he felt that his vision was weakened, his other senses would be compensated. Xi Guican heard the murmuring voice coming from the next room, which repeated words like “Uncomfortable” and “Mother”.

Xi Guican remembered No. 19, who was the first victim of the experiment. The child cried for the whole day and even went on in the dead of the night. Then it stopped crying suddenly. Xi Guican thought that the other party was tired of crying. He didn’t realize that the child died of an illness until the staff disposed of its body.

If the game retained its originality enough, the baby rabbit of the 19th compartment would soon die silently, just like the other children in the orphanage. No matter how long or hoarsely they would beg, their death would not cause a stir in the outside world.

It was just a game. He was not going to be so sympathetic that he would want to save the rest.

The little white tiger turned over indifferently and covered his left ear, but the sounds of crying continued to pour into his right ear.

Xi Guican sat up.

I am not overwhelmed with sympathy, I just think he is too noisy.

The pink meaty paw flicked the candy, and the little white tiger threw the candy into the air, followed by a swing of its tail to swat the candy——

As if by precise calculation, the candy went through the tiny air vent and crashed into compartment 19.

“Ji!” The little rabbit’s cry of terror came.

After a while, there was another happy whine, “It’s sweet~” the very easy to coax rabbit no longer cried.

Xi Guican lay silently in his cotton nest. His blue eyes suddenly contained a bone-piercing coldness.

For people like them who had never experienced any gentleness in their short life, they could be easily coaxed with a candy. But a lot of times, they were unable to wait for the candy. It was—— really sad and laughable.

Sad and laughable.

The tip of his tongue suddenly tasted a bit of bitterness. In the dark compartment, a kind of unspeakable sorrow spread in his heart and then it scattered along his five organs, limbs, and bones.

His sea of consciousness was brewing up a storm again.

In a trance, he seemed to hear the sound of the No. 19 compartment being opened, and the angry and frightened cries of the rabbit rang again.

He didn’t know what kind of bullying it was suffering again.

[Ding – Detection of player’s sea of consciousness getting intense fluctuations. For the sake of the player’s health, the game will automatically cut off the mental link! ]



In the mechanical voice of the system, a familiar voice sounded: “Good medicine is bitter but favorable for the sick. Little silly, I did a hard but thankless job, and was considered to be a bad guy?”

Such a soft tone was carried with a trace of helplessly pampering. This was a gentleness that could seduce people’s hearts.

In that instant, the two metal walls were close to each other, and the whole world seemed to be quiet. In the dark, a sigh came lightly.

The soft sigh was like the autumn wind sweeping away the dead leaves of the branches, whirling away from the depression of his heart.

Because of these untouchable memories, Xi Guican had always been willing to use the greatest malice to speculate about anyone, especially those in Star Sea Orphanage. They were so dirty that he could not help but feel nauseous every time he thought about them.

Xi Guican never believed that there were any good people in Star Sea Orphanage, but… He Ruge was a special existence.

In the depressing dark metal compartment, a young person pushed the door and entered. His eyes drooping as he overlooked all the living beings. His black hair, black eyes, and snow-like skin; what was black was black, what was white was white, it was so clean and neat that it looked like no dust could ever comtaminate it.

There was one thing that he did not want to talk to anyone now or even in the future——

At that time when the glasses fell off and he casted his first sight at He Ruge, it was just fondness.

[Ding- The player’s mental state is stable, stopping compulsory withdrawal, the game will resume.]

[Ding – Affection meets the minimum standard for opening the game. ‘Your Exclusive Lover via Falling in Love at First Sight’ officially opens!

This game is developed by the General Administration of Marriage. Throughout 3000 of worlds, in fact, your marriage has already been destined. Perhaps your son of destiny is on another planet in the distant space and time. All we can do is to cross time and space and hang a red line for you!

Marriage might arrive late, but it will never be absent~

Your exclusive lover, He Ruge will go on a romantic game tour with you~

Dear players, your different attitudes towards your lover will open up different endings! If you want to get a mysterious surprise ending, you need to have more sweet interactions with your lover.~

※I never believed in love until I met you. I found that love is the palpation of the heart at first sight.]

Xi Guican: “…?!”


  • Writing: Means comparing who types faster. It means to see who typed more at the same time. For example, some have a speed of 1000/h and others have a speed of 3000/h.
  • Penguin: It’s the icon of a messaging app used widely in china.
  • The ornamental and the combined plain properties: be so gentle and refined in manner.

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