Chapter 5: Being Coquettish Toward You

The 10 minutes of interfering with the monitor were up, He Ruge ended the interaction unwillingly. He saw the level of affection was at 28 points, and his mood went up again.

The main task required him to get a minimum of 60 points of affection at the end of the sixth experiment. This passing point seemed to be easy to achieve. Now it was only the first experiment. Perhaps by the third experiment, he could brush the affection feeling up to 90 points?

The prospects seemed bright, but He Ruge indistinctly felt there was something wrong. As a writer, he knew that the main taboo in writing was to give the reader the bait too early.

The game should also be the same. It should also be breaking the cheese into pieces and sprinkling it around to induce the players into running happily in pursuit of it.

Before He Ruge could form any details thoughts, the door of Room B6 was pushed open. A fully equipped worker wearing a mask and gloves stood at the door waved at him. If it wasn’t for the symbolic yellow hair, he could hardly recognize the other party.

He remembered this NPC as the staff member who carried the little white tiger at the beginning of the game.

His character went forward and stood in the corridor with the staff member. He clicked on the other party with the mouse, and a dialogue box jumped out.

Yellow Weasel:
[Today I’m going to record the data of the experiment. You put on the mask and gloves. When I open the compartment to measure the data, go and clean the cat litter box. Remember not to make any sound.]

[Daily Tasks:
Clean up the cat litter box (0/20)]

He Ruge gazed silently at the Yellow Weasel’s props—— the mini-metal helmet that was full of black technology1 and then gazed silently back to the black plastic bag and cat litter’s shovel in his hands.

An inexplicable sense of disparity permeated into his mind.

The Yellow Weasel walked ahead he opened the Compartment 1’s door. The resident in the compartment was a yellow-colored puppy. The puppy saw the armed Yellow Weasel and He Ruge. There was not much fear reflected in its complexion. Its eyes were full of agile curiosity similar to black grapes.

It stood up from the cotton nest eagerly and ran happily to Yellow Weasel’s feet with its small tail wagging happily. Maybe it wanted to be charming to the adults. Its two little paws grabbed at Yellow Weasel’s trousers and began to whine.

The sound effects of this game were very good and vivid. He Ruge could even guess the mood of this small animal through the sound.

The voice of the puppy coming through the earphones made his heart melt. The smile that had just appeared on his face soon stiffened in the next second——

The Yellow Weasel cruelly kicked the puppy’s soft abdomen with the tip of his shoe. The tender whine became extremely sharp in a moment. It was as sharp as the sound of an iron scratching through a glass, and like the hoot of a startled bird.

The murmuring voices of the other cubs in the room all disappeared. They seemed to be collectively frightened.

The puppy was kicked to the ground, and before it could respond to what had happened, it was pinched around the neck by a powerful big hand. An ice-cold metal helmet was placed on its head.

He Regu’s eyes were opened slightly as he watched the Yellow Weasel pressed the red button on the helmet. Glaring white light within the helmet leaked out faintly, followed by the grieved scream of the puppy. It seemed to be experiencing great pain and its body was twitching all over.

The urgent cry contained panic. It desperately wanted to get rid of everything that was happening, but the absolute force suppressed its resistance.

At this moment, the metal helmet was like an item for execution. As the executioner, the Yellow Weasel had no trace of compassion at all. He raised his head and looked at He Ruge, using his eyes to tell He Ruge to clean up the cat litter box.

[Novice Guide:
Click on the poo poo and put the poo poo into the bag with the cat litter’s shovel.]

The game was too lifelike and the sound was very infectious. He Ruge was stunned as he stood at the side watching the data being measured. For an instant, he even felt that all this had really happened.

The painful wailings continued to ring like it was the background music. The hand that was moving the mouse was somewhat heavy.

[Daily Tasks:
Cleaning cat litter box (1/20)]

At the same time, the Yellow Weasel had finished measuring the data and he removed the helmet. The little puppy was paralyzed on the ground, trembling and shivering non-stop.

When the door of the compartment was closed, the puppy did not even raise its head.

In the deathly stillness, the metal door of Compartment 2 was slowly pushed open. The cotton nest fell upside down on the ground, and there were no cubs seen in the compartment.

The Yellow Weasel stopped in front of the cotton nest. He circled around the cotton nest with great interest. Finally, he simply lay on the ground, put his face close to the edge of the cotton nest, and slowly raised the upside-down cotton nest——

And met silent gazes with the huddled up fox.


When more than half of the cubs were measured, a strange phenomenon emerged. The cubs that had been measured did not make too much noise and were locked in the compartments like corpses, while the cubs who feared the unknown crumbled and sobbed. The original silent room began to weep in flux and reflux.

This experience was as stimulating as playing a horror game, He Ruge’s fingertips constantly stroked his glasses’ frame. He lowered the volume to the softest and focused on shoveling the shit without looking at any other thing. Like a self-deceiving tortoise with its head shrunk the shell, as long as the head was retracted into the shell, nothing had happened in his surroundings.

However, when the picture jumped to Compartment 20, the hand that rubbed the frame stopped. He Ruge took a deep breath and looked at the screen sharply.

Just come at me. Don’t touch any single hair strand of my little white tiger!

He Ruge’s spirit was highly concentrated and he kept a firm eye on the metal door.

The Yellow Weasel stood in front and opened the metal door. Before it was fully opened, it was like the arrival of an avalanche, a small snowball whistled out and smashed firmly into the Yellow Weasel’s abdomen.

The Yellow Weasel arched up painfully.

The astonishing jumping power was unlike a cub, it seemed to be naturally good at climbing. With the little paws hooked on the clothes, it climbed from the abdomen to the chest and scratched cruelly at the fragile eyes of Yellow Weasel.

Familiar cold flashes!

Blood gushed out and sprinkled on Yellow Weasel’s mask. The Yellow Weasel covered his eyes painfully and stretched out his hand in order to throw the little white tiger out of his body. Unexpectedly, the little white tiger had already jumped flexibly into the bosom of He Ruge before that.

As he leaped forward, everything he could see turned into slow motion. Little white tiger’s tender little paws and soft white belly were exposed in mid-air, its tail was shaking slightly, and it swung steadfastly towards where he was——

It was like the little cutie that he had been dreaming had descended from heaven.

He Ruge:”…?!”

This, this little white tiger is sending itself into my embrace?!

The little white tiger’s in his embrace firmly grasped He Ruge’s arm with its four paws. It turned its little head and looked at the Yellow Weasel with its hair standing up. Its blue eyes were filled with the desire to eliminate anyone. It grinned its teeth and gave a low roar of demonstration. It was hard to imagine that such a cub had the spirit of the king of beasts.

The Yellow Weasel was half-kneeling on the ground. He was howling in pain at the same time while taking out a mist spray from his chest. He sprayed it to his right eye with trembling hands, and after a while, the bleeding gradually stopped, but the whites of his eyes were still dyed with blood, and it looked particularly terrifying.

Even if the mask hid his face and only revealed the Yellow Weasel’s eyes, the bitterness in his eyes was almost about to climb out. The Yellow Weasel saw He Ruge and gritted his teeth, “Give it to me, I will kill it!!”

The little white tiger tightly huddled in his bosom, revealing only his small head. He looked down at the Yellow Weasel with contempt and gave a cold roar. After that, he turned his head to look at He Ruge.

The little white tiger hid itself in He Ruge’s embrace, peeking his little head out. Its paws stretched out and laid softly on his shoulder. There was a trace of perplexity in his blue eyes. But soon, the little white tiger leaned in bravely. Unfamiliarly, uncomfortably, it rubbed against He Ruge’s mask.

He Ruge: “!!!”

Damn it, there is no place to put this loveliness ah ah ah ah ah!!!


Before he was done eating the candy in his mouth, the person in front of him had already left. Xi Guican did not know why, but he felt a little lost. When this little white tiger reflected on his feelings, he quickly shook his head and threw this weak and meaningless mood out of the sky.

When he was still a cub, he was already determined to let go of these emotions.

For the cubs in Star Sea Orphanage, the only value they had in life was to do experiments, crying would only entitle themselves to scolding. This was the so-called: different people had different lives, nothing could surpass this fact.

Xi Guican did not want to stay in this game for too long. This game without He Ruge was too realistic and it could arouse too many bad memories in him.

He wanted to go offline but the sweetness on the tip of his tongue made Xi Guican hesitated for a moment.

This candy… I haven’t it finished yet.

During the time taken for the candy to be consumed, Xi Guican suddenly heard a familiar scream that was filled with fear and helplessness. His body, which was comfortably lying in the cotton nest, stiffened, and he suddenly stood up.

The teeth clicked and smashed the candy into pieces, and Xi Guican swallowed it expressionlessly. The louder the whine came into his ears, the colder his blue eyes became. So cold, it seemed to be unable to be melted.
Just by listening to this sound, he could sketch out the clearest picture. An armed staff with a mind stimulator would set this “torture” on the head of the cubs.

It was said that the most outstanding people of the interstellar only had 20% of their sea of consciousness developed, hence, the Federal Research Institute had developed a sea of consciousness stimulator.

An instrument that could stimulate the development of the sea of consciousness.

The greater the intensity of stimulation, the greater the pain. If the intensity of the stimulus was too small, nothing would change.

The golden age of the development of a person’s sea of consciousness was their early childhood. Most people were unwilling to let their cubs suffer too much. There were very few parents who had volunteered to participate in the testing of this new instrument.

In the end, all the cubs died.

Everyone was still exploring this mysterious sea of consciousness, so, no one knew how much stimulation was the most suitable strength for the cubs.

These data must be obtained through repeated experiments over a long period of time.

Few people were willing to let their cubs die. The sea stimulator that stirred the mind was finally obscured.

However, when interests were appealing enough, all laws and consciences could be trampled on. After the end of the interstellar wars, District 17 as the main battlefield had left many orphans. The experiment that should have stopped… started again.

The Ice Project was actually to test a conjecture:

Was despair more stimulating than hope?

Humans, how long can they live in a hopeless environment? Xi Guican didn’t know that, perhaps long ago, he died in the Ice project, and now he was living in a distorted soul.

His ears were full of crying sounds. In fact, as long as he closed his eyes, Star Sea Orphanage and the battlefield were no different.

The same sadness was everywhere.

There were barren bones everywhere and departed spirits were all around. Hell was empty, the devils were all on earth.

When the metal door was opened, Xi Guican rushed out like the numerous times he charged out to break into the enemies’ lines. He was fast as lightning as he pounced onto the enemy and the hollow of his palms came into contact with the cluttered sticky blood. Before the enemy rose up, Xi Guican had already chosen his foothold and shelter from the wartime–

It was obviously He Ruge?

This was the exclusive lover given to him by the game, he had no choice but to trust this person.

The young person was wearing a mask, revealing only a pair of penetrating black pupils. It was similar to the night sky washed by water; it was exceptionally clean, so clean that it was inharmonious with everything of this foul place.

When he jumped at the other party, the man subconsciously opened his arms to him and exposed his eyes to him without any evasion.

Why is he so silly?

Didn’t he see how he scratched his colleague’s eye? Is this person not afraid of being hurt the same way?

The opened arms gently embraced him and the tip of his nose smelled a shallow fragrance. He liked this kind of soft fragrance, it was unlike those stinky bloody smells, it was unlike the ice-cold iron smell, even more so, it was unlike the smell of slowly decaying in a narrow corner.

It was a soothing and almost bewitching scent. Drowning in this scent, his tense nerves gradually relaxed, and his stinging brain finally felt a long-lost relief.

Xi Guican closed his eyes and his four claws clasped on the other party’s clothes. So tight, as if afraid that the next second he would be abandoned.

You… are my exclusive lover.

But what is a lover?

The little white tiger hesitated to put his paw on the man’s shoulder. The blood-stained pad inked a bloody plum blossom print on his work clothes.

Will you always be nice to me?

Xi Guican lifted his head and his azure eyes showed perplexity, making him looked a little like a lost lamb. So carefully, holding his breath, he gently rubbed against the ice-cold mask with the trust he barely had with the world.

… You’ll protect me at all costs, won’t you?

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