Chapter 6: Angel Descending to the World

[After No.20 injured Yellow Weasel, it jumped into your embrace, seeking shelter. The angry Yellow Weasel asks you to hand over No. 20. Your choice is:

A. Hand over

B. Do not hand over]

He Ruge did not hesitate to choose B. He looked at the little white tiger in his arms and felt all kinds of tenderness in his heart.

Don’t be afraid. I’ll protect you.

… I will love you even more if you act coquettishly one more time!


[No one can destroy the test subject at their own wish. It’s not your turn to control the life and death of No. 20. You’re always so impulsive, Yellow Weasel.]

Yellow Weasel:

[Ha, good, very good… ]

[Yellow Weasel approached you and No. 20, and he pulled down the zipper of his trousers.]

He Ruge pushed his glasses with a dumbfounded face and suspected that his eyesight had gone bad.

Yellow Weasel on the screen was wearing a magical pair of trousers, which had two zippers; one in front and the other at the back. Yellow Weasel angrily opened the zipper behind, revealing a long yellow tail. The tail suddenly rose up, and then he sprayed out an odor like mist!

Yellow Weasel:

[He attacked you and No. 20 with stinky glands. You are dizzy and nauseous. No. 20 could not help vomiting milk after smelling it.]

He Ruge: “…”

What kind of crazy game is this?

Yellow Weasel pulled up his zipper and stood in front of He Ruge.

The little white tiger in his arms laid listlessly in the bosom of He Ruge. He looked weak and seemed not to have recovered from the attack of the stinky glands. But when it saw Yellow Weasel in front of him, it still waved its paws violently.

Yellow Weasel:

[Hand it over to me. Measuring the data is something we need to do. Don’t forget it, Mer. ]


He Ruge looked at this form of address, and a conjecture emerged in his heart. The NPC’s name would be their original form’s name, Yellow Weasel was commonly known as a skunk. When it encountered its enemies, it would emit a foul smell.

Is his original form in the game a Mermaid? This is so cool?

He Ruge’s line of thoughts diverged for a while before he focused back to the game again.

The storyline continued on the screen and there was no option for He Ruge to choose from. After the mouse clicked on the dialog with Yellow Weasel, He Ruge’s own dialog box popped out.


[I’m going to watch you while you measure the data. ]

Yellow Weasel:

[Tsk. You hold No. 20, I’ll wear the instrument for him. ]

Then Yellow Weasel took out the metal helmet and prepared to put it on the little white tiger. He Ruge was worried that the little white tiger would struggle desperately, but it was very calm. Yes, compared with other shivering cubs, the little white tiger’s posture could be described as calm.

It stayed in He Ruge’s arms and hummed softly. It did not hide from the helmet in Yellow Weasel’s hands. When Yellow Weasel pressed the red button on the helmet, the little white tiger held Ho Ruge’s arm silently.

If it weren’t for the slight tremor of the body, the little white tiger would be as quiet as if it were sleeping.

During the measurement, the little white tiger uttered an “Ao” as if it were talking in its sleep.

No. 20:

[… Ao (Uncomfortable.)]

At the end of the measurement, the little white tiger gripped its teeth with great effort and stared at Yellow Weasel. He Ruge suddenly remembered “Angry Birds”. If he could adapt this game, he might change it to “Angry Little White Tiger”.

He would tie the little white tiger to the slingshot, aim at the Yellow Weasel in the distance, and shot it out with an “Au”.

Although it was really bad of him to think of such thoughts. But the always energetic and if-it-was-not-angry-it-would-get-angry-somehow little white tiger… was really cute. Even if it was not acting coquettish, it was still cute to the extreme.

He Ruge quietly looking at the screen at the somewhat weak little white tiger. It was waving its claws and showing its fangs but it all appeared to look like a bluff and his heart suddenly swelled with sourness.

He remembered the little white tiger’s “uncomfortable” sound during the measurement.

His little white tiger should be the king of all beasts, why was trapped in a narrow compartment, letting some Yellow Weasel bully it?


“Hand it over to me. Measuring the data is something we need to do. Don’t forget it, Mer.”


His tiger’s ears moved slightly. The staff of Star Sea Orphanage did not use their real names but instead used a codename, which was usually the name of their original form.

The existence of mermaid only existed in the legend. He Ruge’s original form cannot be a mermaid. Perhaps, he was a marine creature that lived in the sea.

When Xi Guican was distracted, Yellow Weasel had already come to him. The perfect left eye looked maliciously at him, and the sea of consciousness stimulator in his hand approached slowly.

The metal helmet illuminated by the tragic white light was full of coldness.

When he saw the torture device which brought him countless pains, his mouth scowled and he emitted a very light sneer.

He really wanted to know who invented this game. Every game plot of this stabbed at the scar in his heart.

His rationality broke inch by inch. For a moment, Xi Guican wanted to rush out and grab the left eye of the blind Yellow Weasel, because killing would alleviate his pain when he was suffering from his illness.

But his claws were gently grasped by a hand. That hand was very white. It was a lustrous white, akin to the most precious and fragile porcelain. If he does not pay attention to it for a moment, it might just break into pieces.

It was a loose imprisonment. The person who was holding him did not exert much strength. Such a gentle embrace was similar to a protector’s bearing, taking him into his arms.

This was the first time that Xi Guican had been protected, even if this was a fake game, even if the person protecting him was a game character made up of data.

In his life, it seemed that he had never been embraced by someone, let alone carefully embraced like a treasure at this moment.

His little claws moved imperceptibly, but they seemed to be worrying about something and ceased movement again.

I’m not worried about him, I’m not afraid that he will be in a dilemma, this person is just a game character, why would I care about him?

When the disparity between the enemy and ourselves were wide, a strategic compromise was the right approach.

Xi Guican himself also did not know what he was thinking about, but in his chaotic thoughts, his mood gradually stabilized. He was calm and dazedly let the sea of consciousness stimulator be placed on him.

The red button was pushed down.


The harsh white light obliterated everything, and loud noise exploded in his ears as if there was an energy bomb that had exploded around him! Overwhelming pain came pounding into the bone and rummaged through the body. The fine and dense stinging pain were like  long needles sticking into his brain one after another. The extensive and bone-cutting pain spread continuously, from his organs to all his limbs and bones.

The little white tiger was like a stiffened corpse, curled up stiffly in the arms of the young man.

Xi Guican never thought that this game would be able to reflect the original to such an extent. His original calm sea of consciousness began to boil, and entrenched pain surged like waves one after the other——

[Beep – Detection of fluctuation of player’s sea of consciousness, please note that this segment belongs to the treatment stage, it will not hurt the player, please relax!]

[Beep – Player is in a weak state, Yellow Weasel’s stinky glands attack ※ hallucination※ is going into effect]

Xi Guican could not hear any sound. The wounded spot in his sea of consciousness was constantly stimulated. The pain spread rapidly and he gritted his teeth, refused to make any sound.

Because of his consciousness devouring illness, his sea of consciousness was full of holes. At this time, the sharp pain was like a heavy hammer. In that moment of absent-mindedness, his rationality was smashed into fine powders.

Xi Guican remembered a lot of things, many of which he forcibly forgot and did not want to recall again. How could he remember that clearly? Yes, he was a monster. He knew about the world the moment he was born and it was imprinted in his memories.

He remembered the first day he was thrown into the metal Compartment No. 20 in Room B6. He did not make a fuss and was in a calm mood because the warm milk was delicious.

He couldn’t bear to drink it too fast, but he was too hungry, so he could only reluctantly drink it all up.

Rabbit No. 19 cried out “uncomfortable” and then called out to his mother in a childish voice. Because he cried too badly, he wasn’t able to enunciate his words clearly. So, he had to put his ears on the metal wall and confusingly followed him and called out for his “Mom” .

The mother of the rabbit did not respond to her child and neither would his mother respond to him.

Because the woman died in the control cabin.

He knew all about it vaguely. As a little monster, he knew a lot. For example, when the rabbit shouted “Mom”, an image of the face of the dead woman would appear in his mind.

Although he was born with knowledge, when compared with other cubs, his mind just had more things and it was not everything. For example, the interstellar language; he could understand the general meaning, but he could not speak it.

The little rabbit kept crying, and he fell asleep listening to his cries. When he woke up the next morning, he did not hear the crying of the little rabbit. Somehow, he felt a little unadaptable. So he placed his ear on the metal wall and gave a gentle “Ao”.

But this time there was no “Gugujiji” response from the baby rabbit.

He sat back in his cotton nest with some regret and waited for his milk obediently. The waiting time was always long. He was not impatient and licked his paws slowly.

Just as he licked his paws until he became indifferent, the cubs’ panicky scream frightened him. The little white tiger sat in the cotton nest in a daze, wondering what had happened.

The metal doors opened one by one, and different cubs all howled in the same pain.

Only on Compartment 19, there was no sound. The child had died of an illness. The deathly air that Xi Guican was most familiar with permeated into the atmosphere. He was very sensitive to smell, so when he smelled this, the alarm in his mind rang desperately.

But so what if he knew there was danger? He could not break away from the powerful confinement of the adults. He shook his head desperately, but the helmet was still put on in the end.

Endless pain.

It was the beginning of his nightmare.

He was an unfortunate little monster. No one loved him, even if he was born with knowledge, no one taught him how to speak. He only knew how to use two words, one was “mother” and the other was “uncomfortable”.

Mother had gone to sleep forever.

So he cried out “uncomfortable”.

But this desperate situation had not improved. Why was there a need to converse with others and interact with them? Why was there a need to converse when you wouldn’t be able to get a response?

His memory twisted like a whirlpool, and the door of Compartment 20 was pushed open again. Only this time, the people who came in did not have a sea of consciousness stimulator in their hands.

It was a black-haired and black-eyed young man. There was holy light shrouding all over his body, just like an angel coming down to earth. A gentle and soft voice came into his ear. A gentleness that was enough to make one shed tears.

“Can I speak to you?”

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