Chapter 7: Under the Grapevine

After the measurement, He Ruge shoveled the last pot of shit under the strong surveillance of Little White Tiger and Weasel.

[Daily tasks:

Cleaning cat litter box (completed)]

He Ruge couldn’t stop his heartache when he saw the listless appearance of the Little White Tiger. He reluctantly left Compartment 20 and walked out of Room B6 with Yellow Weasel.

Yellow Weasel:

[Let’s go to Scorpion there to write an accident report.]

Star Sea Orphanage was very large, with white walls and green floor tiles. Every room had a solid metal door, and the walkway was narrow. The closed metal door was like a cell, holding vile matter that shouldn’t see the light.

This kind of cold color scheme going across the screen was gloomy.

The surveillance room was the innermost room on the fourth floor. There was a huge light screen was suspended in midair. All the surveillance videos of the rooms could be seen in one glance.

Scorpion was a woman dressed in a silver-gray cheongsam and had purple eyeshadow and lipstick applied on her face. Her eyes were slightly closed like she wasn’t awake. She put her legs on the table, and the high slit of the lower skirt almost revealed her private area because of this action.

As soon as He Ruge tried to avert his sight, he found that a mosaic had considerately covered the bottom of her skirt.


[Who violated the rules?]

Yellow Weasel:

[… It’s me, but it happened for a reason.]

Before Yellow Weasel could finish his sentence, Scorpion’s drooping eyes suddenly raised and stared coldly at him.


[This experiment has just risen to a star level today, it isn’t any small experiment. If there is a next time, I’ll cut off your tongue. ]

Yellow Weasel turned pale for an instant and he filled out the accident report with trepidation. When he left the monitoring room, he did not treat him coldly any more. An option popped up in front of him:

[Because of your obstruction, Yellow Weasel did not make a big mistake. He invited you to go to the infirmary. Your choice is:

A. Go.

B. Don’t go.]

He Ruge looked at the screen and sank into deep thought. Judging from the drama that just happened, the Ice Project might just have just gotten the attention of those on top today. Before that, Yellow Weasel thought that the Ice Project was just a trivial experiment, so he dared to lay his hands on the experiment.

Not only did Star Sea Orphanage not have human rights for the experimental subjects, but the staff’s life and health rights could not be guaranteed too. Even punishment such as cutting of the tongue could happen. As a love nurturing game, was it really okay for it to be so bloody and violent?

Previously, he stopped Yellow Weasel and helped him escape this calamity by unintentionally intervening. Now the Yellow Weasel was inviting him to the infirmary. He shouldn’t be doing anything to get revenge for himself… right?

On the screen, Yellow Weasel’s right eye was a bloody red and his head had a rough patch of yellow hair. He didn’t look like a good person.

He Ruge’s thoughts were instantly wavering. He clicked to open the archive and prepared to save the game’s progress first. This game was very chill. The real-time was synchronized with the game time. If he overslept in reality and didn’t get up in the morning, he would miss the feeding time for breakfast in the game.

Archives could only be used when the A or B option appeared. There were four archives available in the archive point, and they could not be overwritten. Each archive could only be used once.

That was to say, in the case of A or B option appeared, He Ruge would only be left with three chances to save the game.

He Ruge remained silent. He decided that he must search the Internet for specific information about the game to see which clever and quick-witted person came up with this garbage game when he quits the game later.

Go, or don’t go?

This was the question.

Now the game had just begun, he did not understand the dangerous part of the game, so he could not choose blindly by his intuition. Even if he was afraid of wasting the limited archive points, it would be worth it.

He Ruge finally decided to save the game and chose A.

After turning here and there and making He Ruge dizzy, they finally arrived at the infirmary.

The painting style of the clinic was very different. The most intuitive change was the change in the color scheme. There was a lot of beige and reddish-brown, there was a soft red-brown carpet on the wooden floor.

The medicine cabinet was about the size of a wall, with wooden chairs in front of the long wooden table. Strangely, there was no one in the infirmary.

Yellow Weasel went straight to the wooden chair and lifted the blanket on the chair. On the small pillow of the wooden chair lay a sleeping fat grey rat.

He had snow-white eyebrows and whiskers, a round belly, and when he breathed in, his belly fluctuated like a puffer. Yellow Weasel poked the fat gray rat’s white belly with his finger without hesitation, and he frightened the other’s until his bubble burst.

Drug Seeking Rat:

[Squeak! Yellow Weasel! Are you trying to scare me to death? Do you know that us drug-seeking mice are the most easily frightened? My great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather was frightened to death because of this. Ah, how did your eyes get hurt like this? ]

The fat gray rat pressed its super-small optical computer around its neck and a light screen appeared in the space. After he had tapped in the air, a machine arm flexibly took different medicinal materials from the medicine cabinet and then wrapped them in yellow paper and handed them to the Yellow Weasel.

Yellow Weasel took the medicine and said a few words to the drug-seeking rat. He seemed to have completed a deal with the drug-seeking rat and got a small spray from the other party.

The spray looked a little familiar to him. He remembered that when the Yellow Weasel eyes were bleeding, he simply sprayed the spray and the bleeding stopped.

Yellow Weasel:

[This is for you, now we don’t owe each other anything. ]

Name: Universal Medical Spray

[Source]: Drug-seeking Rat

[State]: New

[Evaluation] It is a very good spray, which is very effective in treating trauma.

He had seen this item before in the Love Mall. Those slightly better medicines cost at least 50 little hearts.

Think of the little hearts, He Ruge opened the Love Mall and looked at his balance. He was surprised to find that the number of little heart had unknowingly raised to 35.

Little White Tiger always took advantage when he wasn’t paying attention to secretly boost his affection.

After leaving the infirmary, the screen suddenly grew gloomly. He Ruge manipulated the character to move forward and felt like he was playing a horror game. It made him miss the warm medical room and the belly of the fat rat… It looked so nice to poke.

He Ruge felt like rubbing his hands on the cats and he returned to Room B6. The game time had reached night time and it was time to feed them. As it was also night time in reality, he ordered takeout for himself and immediately continued with the game.

He came to Compartment 1 with a bottle, and the puppy who was passionate about drinking milk did not appear for the first time.

He Ruge waited for a long time, and the little puppy still did not come out.

[No. 1 didn’t appear immediately as usual. You have some confusion. You choose:

A. Leave.

B. Open the iron door to see what’s going on. (which will cost you a little heart)]

A little heart could shield the monitor for ten minutes.

He Ruge consumed a little heart and opened the iron door. Rather than lying in a cotton nest, the puppy lay on the cold ground in the same position as it did at the end of the measurements.

Such an active puppy was now surprisingly quiet.

His heart sank a little, He Ruge already had an idea in his head, but still stubbornly clicked on the puppy with the mouse.

No. 1:


He fell asleep.

Those black grape-like eyes that were always shining, closed forever.

It was as if a big stone was pressing on his chest, so stuffy that He Ruge could hardly breathe. He Ruge didn’t know why he was so upset. Clearly, it was just a game and everything was false. The puppy wasn’t the target of his own love nuturing game, it was just an insignificant NPC.

He Ruge stepped out of Compartment 1, and for a while, he dared not go to Compartment 2 to nurse the cub.

He used to think he was a cub keeper, but now he felt like a corpse collector.

The finger rubbed his frame unconsciously, and his thoughts suddenly drifted far away. He Ruge was thinking if there was a cemetery in this game? If so, he wanted to bury the puppy.

Or buried it under a grapevine, because this little fellow’s eyes were like black grapes and shone like grapes, just as it they were as sweet as them.

When he had fed until No. 19, three experimental subjects had died, namely No. 1, No. 8 and No. 13. He Ruge’s heart felt like a roller coaster ride. He never felt that the task of feeding the cubs was such a torment.

He Ruge did not leave immediately after feeding the rabbit in Compartment 19. In Room B6, besides the Little White Tiger, the cub that he held the most impression most was the rabbit.

The second one would be… the puppy.

After he stepped out of Compartment 1, his mood was inexplicably depressed. Perhaps he wanted to compensate for his mind, He Ruge consumed a small heart and opened the metal door. The rabbit in the compartment heard the sound and its whole body twitched because of fear. Its red eyes almost burst into tears.

For the rabbit, opening the iron door meant that the bad guys would come in. A bad man would take his candy and force it to bear hardships and another bad man would hold a metal helmet and make its head ache.

Before the little rabbit almost fainted from fear, He Ruge clicked on the candy in his backpack and the candy appeared in his palm.

[Number of candy consumed x1]

He Ruge sat in front of the computer and suddenly remembered a children’s song. He leaned on the back of his chair and began to sing softly, “Little rabbit, open the door, open it quickly, I want to come in.”

The rabbit’s ears moved and it looked carefully at He Ruge. Its red eyes were as beautiful as rubies. After a while, the Little White Rabbit moved to the front of He Ruge, picked up the candy quickly. Its rabbit’s teeth nipped the wrapper and ate the candy happily in front of He Ruge.

All its fear and vigilance were forgotten.

What a silly rabbit.

Why did he sigh and continue to hum, “Not opening, not opening, I’m not gonna open. Mother is not back, I will not open no matter who it is~”

The Little White Rabbit in front of the screen was still foolishly eating the candy. He tapped at the screen with his finger, like he was poking at the rabbit’s head, “Why are you so foolish, a candy can buy you. Don’t trust strangers, understand?”

The Little White Rabbit raised its eyes and stared at He Ruge. Its three-lobed mouth was still moving and sucking the candy desperately.

For a while, He Ruge felt that he was bored and foolish enough to educate the characters.

—— Why did he do such a foolish thing?

—— Because… His heart ached.

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