Chapter 2: Intimate Interactions

He Ruge accepted the Good Man Card with a dumbfounded and flattered expression. There were two options besides the black-rimmed glasses [To wear glasses] [To take off glasses]. If this was in real life, He Ruge would 100% choose to wear glasses.

However, in the face of this little white tiger’s attitude in the game, He Ruge decisively chose to remove the glasses before he pressed [Touch.] nervously.

Its attitude had changed from hostility to indifference. There should be some improvement in his treatment.

No. 20:

[No. 20 flexibly avoided your hand.]

The little white tiger on the screen did not scratch or bite him, but it raised his head and gave him a contemptuous look.

Did! Not! Get! Hit!

He Ruge clicked on [Dialogue.] again with great longing.

No. 20:

[No. 20 is bewildered about your behavior.]

The little white tiger sat up straight in the cotton nest with its azure eyes staring at the person in front of him. It tilted his head expressionlessly to the side, and its snow-white whiskers fluttered along with the movement.

… Shamefully selling meng.

He Ruge pushed his glasses up calmly and clicked on [Feeding.] with his mouse. The only choice of food was the candies from the novice’s big gift bag.

[Number of candy consumed x1]

The scarred hand was clenched into a fist, and under the vigilant gaze of the little white tiger, the palm was unfolded to reveal a candy in the palm.

No. 20:

[No. 20 smelled the fragrance of the candy and it did not do anything. He looks at you coldly].

The little white tiger realized that He Ruge had no intention of attacking, so it laid down on the cotton nest. It looked extremely like a white bun sprayed with sesame seeds. Its blue eyes were not as bitter as before, instead, it looked at the person in front of him lazily with a hint of dead fish eyes expression.

I’m floating…

I want to steal it and take it home.

How Ruge seriously reflected on himself, and he was just about to try [Dialogue.] [Touching.] [Feeding.] these three options again when he realized that the ten minutes of intimate interaction time had finished. He could only regrettably walk out of the compartment.

When he left the compartment, he thought that the little white tiger would rush up and take this chance to escape, but it did not do so. It laid on the cotton nest and watched him leave calmly. It did not even sway its the slightest bit of its tail the during this duration.


Xi Guican lay in the game cabin.

His ears were full of noises. The tip of his nose lingered with a strong bloody smell and an unending damp coldness that never disappeared. The holographic game was highly realistic and it made Xi Guican felt like he was in reality.

He opened his eyes.

And saw Star Sea Orphanage and its bustling staff.

This was a game and Xi Guican knew that more clearly than anyone, that what he had gone through was nothing more than the pretense of a game.

Because…he had once destroyed everything here.

The skin on his nape was firmly grasped and the pain in this holographic game was 100% realistic. Xi Guican could feel the tingling and suspension of his whole body. He lowered his head to look at his paws that was flailing up and down in the air.

This was not the claws that could easily take life, but rather a super-small, tender pink little jiojio.

Xi Guican felt a great shock for the time being.

His blue eyes stared wide.

The yellow-haired worker could not help but laugh when he saw the look on the little white tiger’s face. He raised the little white tiger and looked closely at its small appearance.

Xi Guican was caught off guard and his sight the gaze of this weasel. He saw the teasing in the weasel’s eyes.

The last person who looked at him like that had already had his head knocked off.

Due to the limitation of his young body, Xi Guican could only bite his opponent regretfully. His mouth was full of bloody taste, which made him feel a little nauseous.

Here it came again.

This familiar nausea.

His sea of consciousness appeared a whirlpool akin to a storm that destroyed his sea of consciousness pieces by pieces. As long as his mood fluctuated, his illness would flare up.

Another staff member grabbed his nape, and Xi Guican was who was tortured by his illness gave the other party a firm scratch.

Because of his consciousness devouring illness, the Federation had specially developed this game for him. So, it was this sort of broken game? While he still dazed from his illness, he was thrown into a metal compartment.

He hated and loathed this existence that had trapped him for three months!

This recognition made Xi Guican almost blow up. He wanted to rush out like a small artillery weapon, but in the end, he hit the metal door with a clatter.

Xi Guican: “…!!!”

[Beep-Detection of player’s sea of consciousness fluctuating. For the sake of the player’s health, the game will automatically cut off the mental link! ]




[Logged out successfully!]

The game cabin opened automatically, revealing the man’s pale face. His eyebrows were scrunched slightly and his thin lips were tightened. The face that was imprisoned in pain had a sharp and fragile aesthetic feeling.

His eyes suddenly opened, and the frail patient instantly switched to an angry general. His pale skin flushed red with anger as he punched the metal shell of the game cabin, which was called the military metal shell, and a cobweb-like crack appeared.

But Xi Guican’s fist was not damaged.

He pulled out the optical brain chip from the game cabin and clicked on the game storage; he was ready to delete this broken game completely.

<Your Exclusive Lover>?

What a broken name!

Xi Guican dragged the game into the cleanup box, and then he became even more angry! Because he found that this trash game could not be deleted!

Xi Guican was so angry that he nearly vomited blood.

And he really did vomit blood. Due to his illness, any exaltation and grievance would have to be avoided by all means. As long as there was any big emotional fluctuations, he would get a headache as well as vomit blood… and hair loss.

Xi Guican’s original form was already a bald tiger, well, his human form’s hair was considered to be lush. Therefore, he had not transformed back into his original form for a long time.

He wiped the blood from his mouth with the back of his hand expressionlessly and picked up the optical computing and contacted his attending physician. As soon as the number was pressed, the other party immediately picked it up. A slightly fat middle-aged man appeared in the void. This was the doctor sent by the Federation to specialize in the treatment of Xi Guican, Mao Zixie.

Mao Zixie’s sight fell on the messy bloodstains on the corner of Xi Guican’s lips. He shivered in shock and his grey rat’s ears came out from his head. The original form of Mao Zixie was a drug-seeking rat. His medical skill was superb, but his shortcoming was that he was too timid. Especially in the face of this Xi Guican who killed without mercy in the interstellar wars, he couldn’t restrain his fear.

Which illness did this ancestor get again? It looked like he was even angry. Oh my mother, could it be that I’m about to bring my own downfall?

“Ma- Major General Xi, do you have something for me?”

Xi Guican pointed to the game icon on the optical computer and said coldly, “Why can’t I delete the game you’ve given to me?”

Mao Zixie could not be even bothered about wiping off the cold sweat he was producing. He shivered and said, “This- this game is not the one we gave you, Major General Xi. You see, next to <Your Exclusive Lover>, is < Game Therapy>. That is the game we sent to you in cooperation with your therapy.”

This scene was very awkward at this moment.

Mao Zixie said with a smile, “Major General Xi will actually play these love games at ordinary times ah. In fact, playing this kind of game is quite good as it can help to ease the player’s mood.”

The sharp blade-like expression scraped toward Mao Zixie and it frightened him so much that his tail came out. When the light screen was a pitch black, indicating that Xi Guican had ended the call, Mao Zixie collapsed on the chair and his strength became akin to a little gray mouse as he panted heavily.

At the other end of the optical computer, Xi Guican stared at the game icon of <Your Exclusive Lover>. Mao Zixie thought that the game was downloaded by him, but Xi Guican never ever played games before.

So… Where did this game come from? Why did this game have Star Sea Orphanage? Which side did the power behind this game belong to? What was their intention?

Xi Guican silently found another brand-new game cabin and entered into the game again.

He hated the unknown because it reminded him of some very bad memories. He would like to see how much information had this game collected and what was the intention of this game.

There was a dark metal compartment in front of him again. Xi Guican was much calmer this time. He lay in some old cotton nest and looked down at his dirty paws.

Not washed.

Not even interested in licking his paws.

This broken game.

There was milk fragrance in the air and Xi Guican sniffled. The hunger of the holographic game was 100% restored to the original condition. This milk fragrance was very attractive to the current Xi Guican.

He was clearly so hungry, yet he had a kind of nausea.

As long as he thought of any person in Star Sea Orphanage, he would feel disgusted even if they were all just a false character.

The lid was lifted, and a ray of light was thrown into the darkness from the round hole. A more intense fragrance of milk permeated into the air, but Xi Guican remained motionless with his blue eyes showing indifference.

His motionless puzzled the staff member who actually squatted down and put his face close to the round hole to observe the situation inside.

Wasn’t that asking to be beaten on the face?

Xi Guican generously satisfied the other party and gave this fool a claw. In fact, he was actually ready to be starved.

It was common to be hungry in this damnable place.

However, to his surprise, the bottle was stuffed into the compartment.

Maybe because he clawed the other party just now, Xi Guican’s nausea feeling had been reduced a lot. He subconsciously licked his tongue and thought about what kind of trick this staff was playing at.

Would it be to give him a taste and then quickly pull the bottle away? Such mental retardation fitted well with the style of those people.

The little white tiger came to the bottle, opened its mouth fiercely, and then bit at the nipple hard!

If the staff really wanted to take it away, then he would try his best to drink the milk and see if he could take two more mouthfuls at the crucial moment.

With this idea in mind, Xi Guican drank the milk like he was fighting a war. His whole body entered a state of level ten alert such that even his ears stood up. As a result, he had drank finish the milk but the man did not even make any slighest movements.

That was really – a waste of his effort!

Xi Guican gave an angry whine to greet the fool outside the door before he rushed back to the cotton nest. He was trying his best to calm down.

Because once he was angered, he would be the one suffering the most.

These people were not worth his anger.

“Number 20, hello.”

The sudden conversation surprised Xi Guican that he forget was angry. He suspected that he had heard something wrong and shook his ears. He knew that he was in the “Ice Project” now. These staff members would avoid verbal communication and physical contact with them.

Sure enough, this was really a game. It was not rigorous at all.

In those three months of the Ice Project, he had never communicated with anyone as he stayed in the enclosed compartment filled with sound of crying.

“Can I speak to you?”

No, scram, I have nothing to say to you.

The person outside the door did not receive a response and he seemed to have left. Xi Guican suddenly felt that the world was much cleaner, even though the room was full of Gugu, Wangwang, and Meowmeow.


Suddenly, a bright light flashed blindly in a flash, and the next moment, the metal door was quickly closed. The unexpected visitor swaggered in front of him and stretched out a salted pig’s foot.

Xi Guican: “…”

Very well, you succeeded in provoking my anger!

Little white tiger burst up again like a small artillery weapon. He wildly used his cat fist. In the confusion, he accidentally knocked off a pair of black-rimmed glasses.

When Xi Guican raised his paw again to beat at the person, he saw the person’s face without any external object covering it.

His brain went blank for an instant.

Xi Guican was temporarily speechless. He could not use any words to describe the face he saw. In addition to being good-looking, the five words “Astonishing both heaven and man” came out of his mind too.

After a moment of hesitation, the sharp claws retracted back silently.

The hand stretched out again. Xi Guican wanted to beat someone up, but looking at his face, he could not do it. So, he avoided the hand with humiliation. Xi Guican didn’t think he had a face complex, but the face in front of him had gone beyond the normal range of good-looking.

“Hello, No. 20. My name is He Ruge. I want to talk to you, may I?”

Xi Guican: “…”

Do you think you can do whatever you want just because you’re good-looking? I’m really going to beat you up if you continue to talk nonsense.

The man did not get a response and he was not angry. He felt for something in his pocket before he clenched his fist and placed it in front of Xi Guican’s sight. His palm opened to reveal a candy in it.

Xi Guican: “…”


  • Good Man Card: stems from the confession of a young man to the girl of his dreams, who used the phrase, “You are a good man, but we can not be together” to reject him. Since then, “You are a good man” has come to represent a bachelor being rejected; similarly, receiving a “Good Man Card” means rejection.
  • Meng: means cute, and “Selling Meng” is to be deliberately cutesy in action or speech.
  • Dead Fish Eyes: are where eye colors are dull, seems emotionless if the person who is beholding is not carrying a smile on his/her face.
  • Small Jiojio: The animals’ pad
  • Salty pig foot: the hand of a groper, basically pervert. Thanks syeki for the reference 🙂

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