Chapter 1: Love Game

In a single room apartment, a young man wearing black-framed glasses sat in front of the computer. After typing the last word of his document, he put his update into Jinjiang Literature City author’s manuscript box and then opened a game.

The characters on the game’s opening screen had firmly attracted the attention of the young man.

[The pitch-black uniform seamlessly wrapped around his tall body with a black military cap fastened to the top of his head. The upper half of his face hidden by the brim of his cap, revealing only a high nose, thin lips, and beautiful jaw.

His thin blood-stained lips were slightly curled up and the tip of his tongue licked the blood stains erotically.

[“I conquer all interstellar wars and you who has the resplendent milky way in your eyes.”]

The overflowing color on the screen made He Ruge suddenly excited about this game. He pushed his glasses up calmly and asked himself in his heart:

You aren’t a girl?
Could it be that you are moved by this sexy little brother in military uniform?

—— Yes!!!

He Ruge completely forgot his original intention of playing the game and the meng sisters in his brain were all thrown away. He clicked impatiently for it to continue. The opening screen disappeared and the story outline of the game was presented in word form.

The background was an orphanage, with reddish-brown text appearing:

After the first interstellar wars, there were many homeless orphans in District 17, which was used as the main battlefield. The Star Sea Orphanage took in these orphans and used them for human experiments banned by the Federation.

No. 20 is the most special existence. He is the source of all the future destruction. However, at present, he is just a little monster.

As an orphanage employee, your attitude towards No. 20 is closely related to your future outcome.

[Skip the plot.]



He Ruge clicked [No.]

The game shifted to first-person perspective after the text disappeared, a group of staff with three or four puppies came through the gate. Fox cubs, kittens, puppies, piglets…This scene almost made He Ruge dazed from seeing it.

The background was indeed an orphanage, not a zoo.

The yellow-haired worker looked towards He Ruge. He held two pups by the back of their necks and shouted, “Hey! Come and help!”

The camera moved forward automatically. It landed on a white tiger cub which was carried by the yellow-haired worker with his left hand. The cub’s fur was covered with blood stains, and its blue eyes showed a trace of willfulness; making threatening gestures with exceptional puppy-like fierceness.

“You take this tiger cub. Be careful, it even bit me just now. We are putting these cubs into room B6. The top says they are going to do a little experiment…”

A pair of slender hands appeared on the screen and took the white tiger cub that had its hair standing on end. Its little claws waved, a cold light flashed and blood splattered. Five bloodstained wounds appeared on the back of the hand.

Very obviously, the game’s “him” was scratched.

This little white tiger was like a hedgehog; It wanted to stab everyone all over.

The lens switched to the second floor of the orphanage, which was room B6 that was located at the end of the staircase. The door was pushed open. Using metal panels, the room was divided into 20 compartments; the left and right sides each had 10 metal panels leaning against the wall to build 10 compartments, and each compartment had a red Arabic number hanging in front of it.

The white tiger cub was carried with his bloodstained hands. Standing before No. 20’s metal compartment, there was only a cotton nest and a litter box inside.

The little white tiger was thrown down onto the cotton nest. Even if he got up quickly and rushed out to the metal door, it was still a step too late. The metal door was closed with a click, and the little white tiger hit the iron door firmly.

For a long time, a childlike snarl echoed from within the compartment.

[End of the Storyline.]

[Game Start.]

[Daily tasks:
The cubs in room B6 are the experimental subjects of the Ice Project. As a staff member, you need to participate in the Ice Project and record the data changes of the experimental subjects. In the Ice Project, only No. 20 has special treatment.

‘Note: In the Ice Project, the experimental subjects are confined in a closed space. The staff tries to avoid physical contact, eye contact, and communication with the experimental subjects while delivering meals and cleaning.’]

[Main Storyline Tasks:
No. 20 grows very fast. You need to obtain its affection when it is still small and weak. After the sixth experiment, if No. 20’s affection for you is less than 60 points, then you will die. If No. 20’s affection for you is more than 90 points, then you will get military play.

‘Note: Military play: No. 20 wears a military uniform and ♂plays♀ with you.’]

He Ruge who was sitting in front of the computer pushed his glasses up again and pondered over the two improper symbols in front of him.

He, He Ruge, a romance writer, a straight man of iron and steel, would be interested in this game of raising your own husband?

Without hesitation, the mouse was clicked and a pile of nursing bottles appeared on the game screen.

[Daily tasks:
Feeding the experimental body (0/20)]

With the nursing bottle in hand, the scene stopped on the door of metal compartment No. 1. There was a lid under the metal door. The lid was opened to reveal a round hole. The hole was not big enough to fit the nursing bottle in.

[Novice guide:
Open the lid and insert half of the nursing bottle into the round hole. ]

The mouse clicked on the lid. When the lid was lifted, black grape-like big eyes appeared, “Wangwuwangwanwangwu~”

[Warning: During feeding time, if the subjects stare at you for more than three seconds, it will be treated as if they had eye contact with you, and the task will fail! ]

A countdown of three seconds appeared on the screen. He Ruge was so frightened that he immediately stuffed the nursing bottle into the round hole using the speed that he gained from being single for so many years.

Half of the bottle was stuffed in, and the latter part of the bottle was firmly held in He Ruge’s hand.

The resident of compartment No. 1 was a puppy.

He Ruge recalled that its eyes were black, its hair was a light yellow, and it was very small. It had a good temper, at least, it was better than the little white tiger.

The details of the game were well handled, for example, the scratches on the back of his hand were still present.

The milk in the bottle decreased rapidly. He Ruge watched as the bottle gradually became empty. There was a faint sense of happiness in his heart.

Raising dogs; this was a joy beyond imagination.

[Novice guide:
When the experimental subject has finished drinking milk, please take the nursing bottle away and cover it back in time.]

He Ruge followed the novice guide’s instructions. When he closed the lid, the ‘Wangwuwangwu’ cries had a little weeping tone, as if it were begging him to stay.

Clearly, this was only a false game, but his heart found it a little unbearable, but when he thought of the daily task, this entanglement quickly disappeared.

He Ruge fed from No.1 to No. 19. He had identified five puppies and three kittens. The others “Aowu”, “Jiji” and “Gugu” sounds were not very representative. In addition, the light in the compartment was very dim, and the 3 seconds given were not enough for him to see clearly. He Ruge gave the identity of those residents a question mark and prepared to find the opportunity to fill in the information.

The feeding segment had finally reached the 20th. He Ruge felt that his guilt could be alleviated. He was forced to neglect nineteen little meng animals. At last, he could finally cultivate just and honorable feelings with this little white tiger.

[Novice guide:
When you are in close contact with No. 20, you should avoid the monitor devices. Every time No. 20 has an increase in affection for you by one point, you will get a little heart, a little heart can shield the monitor devices for ten minutes.

Note 1: Little Heart: Little heart is the currency of Love Mall.
Note 2: Love Mall: When No. 20 has good feelings for you, it will automatically open Love Mall.]

He Ruge searched for half a day on the screen, and he still didn’t know where to look for the affection meter and little heart indicator. However, at this time, a gift bag for the novices fell from the sky.

[Novice Gift Bag x1]
[Please confirm your claim.]

[Accepting succeeded.]
[You obtained
One time monitor interfere-o-meter x3
Candy x3
Ordinary Medicine x3
Band-Aid x3]

He Ruge used the one-time monitor interfere-o-meter to get ten minutes of intimate interaction with the little white tiger.

The mouse clicked on the lid for metal compartment No. 20. When the lid was lifted, the blue eyes did not appear as he had thought. From within the round hole, he could only see pitch black.

This…this didn’t made sense.

He Ruge fed from No. 1 to No. 19 and every time he lifted the lid, he could see the sparkling eyes from within the round hole. The cubs were enthusiastic. If there were no hindrance from the metal gate, they would rush directly to He Ruge—— the bottle in his hands.

Immediately, there appeared a few options:

[No. 20 did not appear immediately like any of the other experiment subjects. You are confused. You choose:
A. Maintain the current situation.
B. Get close to the round hole and see what happened.]

The ten minutes of interaction time passed by bit by bit. If the little white tiger slept in the compartment for ten minutes, then wouldn’t the item be wasted?

He Ruge chose B. The game’s “him” went close to the round hole, because it was in first person perspective, the entire screen had become black. In the darkness, there was a vague outline of the cub, and before He Ruge could collect himself and see clearly, a snow-white claw cut through the darkness, out of the round hole, quickly and precisely grasped forward——

Familiar cold flashes!

Familiar blood splatters!

[You were attacked by No. 20, you have wounds on your nose bridge, do you want to use Band-Aid x1?]



He Ruge: “…”

So, the Band-Aid was prepared for me…

He used the Band-Aid in silence.

With the sudden appearance of the little white tiger, a floating text box which had many interactive options emerged:


There was also the status quo:

[Hostility]: No. 20 hates all the people in Star Sea Orphanage, naturally, that includes you.
[Unawakened]: No. 20 has not been found to be a little monster, except for by you.

No wonder he couldn’t find the Love Mall, nor could he see the affection meter. So, the status quo of the little white tiger was in a hostile state, it was unknown how many negative points he had in the affection meter…

For the first time, he was facing a target that had a hostile attitude, and it was still this little white tiger with a fierce child-like temper. He Ruge didn’t know if he should laugh or cry.

Let’s finish the daily task first. The little white tiger was hostile toward him, but it couldn’t be hostile to the nursing bottle.

Clicking on the bottle, he entered the feeding state. As expected, the white tiger did not do anything to the bottle and the milk was quickly drunk, the fully-fed white tiger was unlike other cubs that want to be embraced and held in the air. He returned to the cotton nest without even turning back to see. Before leaving, he gave a particularly fierce “Auwo”.

[Daily Tasks:
Feed the experimental subjects (Breakfast ※ Completed)]

The little white tiger’s response was unexpected. His eyes fell on three interactive options, [Dialogue.], [Touch.], [Feeding.].

Let’s just click on each of them.

He Ruge clicked on the dialogue and a dialogue bar emerged:

No. 20:
[No. 20 said nothing and lay quietly in the cotton nest.]

He Ruge clicked on the dialogue again.

No. 20:
[No. 20 doesn’t seem to want to talk to you.]

He Ruge: “…”

Although he had already guessed its reaction, why did he still felt a little bit hurt?

The mouse clicked on [Touch.].

The metal door was opened and closed in a hurry. The little white tiger lying in the cotton nest stared with widened eyes and looked incredulously at He Ruge who appeared in front of him.

When the hand with scars and scratches touched the little white tiger, He Ruge turned his face away, not willing to see the development that was going to happen.

No. 20:
[No. 20 hairs stood. He thought his space is violated and is scratching and biting you.]

[You were attacked by No. 20 and your arm was injured. Do you want to use Band-Aid?]



He Ruge: “…”

Those three bandages seemed totally inadequate.

A pair of black-framed glasses rolled to the ground under the claws of the little white tiger.

Perhaps it was a coincidence that the pair of glasses looked like the same as the one he wore in reality.

He Ruge looked at the innocent pair of black-framed glasses that fell to the ground before he touched his own frames.

Because of his appearance, his glasses were the essence of his life. By wearing glasses, he was able to avoid many unnecessary troubles in his life.

No. 20:
[Your glasses fell off. No. 20 saw you without glasses. No. 20 stopped attacking you.]

[Hostility -> Indifference]: No. 20 hates all the people in Star Sea Orphanage, but he thinks that you don’t look like a bad person.

He Ruge:”???”


  • Jinjiang Literature City: hahaha, it’s jjwcx where most of the translator get raw from.
  • Manuscript Box: From what I gathered, its where the writers can put their chapters in and then release it to the public at will.
  • Meng: Cute/Adorable
  • Using the speed that he gained from being single for so many years: Yes, it’s talking about how he pleasured himself.

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